Want to learn more about California’s history? Let’s take a tour through a few of California’s regions to learn about some of the cultures of the people that have always called this land home. Do you know any other places in California that honor Indigenous Peoples’ history? Let us know below. ⁣

📍The Yurok Tribe has long called the #RedwoodCoast and the areas around the #KlamathRiver home. Their traditional stories show that redwood trees are sacred living beings that should always be respected. You can learn about Yurok history and their spiritual connection with the land with a canoe tour down the Klamath River, departing from the Yurok Visitor Center in @DiscoverKlamath. ⁣
📍 In @VisitSanDiego County, the award-winning @baronamuseum looks at the history and living traditions of the region’s Kumeyaay/Diegueño people. The museum’s extensive collection features artifacts dating back 10,000 years. ⁣
📍 The #SantaMonicaMountains near @DiscoverLA is part of the homeland for both the Tongva and Chumash peoples. At the Satwiwa Native American Cultural Center, you can see the replica of a traditional Chumash dwelling, known as an ‘ap, and learn about the culture from tribal guest hosts. From the center, the 1.5-mile Satwiwa Loop Trail explores an area considered sacred by the Chumash.⁣

📷: @DiscoverKlamath at #KlamathRiver⁣

Learn more about Native American Culture in California by visiting our link in bio.⁣

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