Aaron Hernandez’s Brother Arrested For Allegedly Throwing Brick At ESPN Headquarters

Aaron Hernandez’s older brother, Dennis “D.J.” Hernandez, was arrested last week after he allegedly threw a brick at ESPN’s headquarters with a note attached to it

Aaron Hernandez’s Brother Arrested For Allegedly Throwing Brick At ESPN Headquarters


  • Nate C Garza 03/27/2023


  • ODell John Lewis 03/27/2023

    I wouldn’t mess with him.. he got that killer DNA too !

  • Elana Fenner 03/27/2023

    “Realeyes” 😂

  • Aaron Calderon 03/27/2023

    The note said: We’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warantee

  • William B Green 03/27/2023

    Maybe he’s having a domestic dispute with his boyfriend who works there.

  • Aaron Hernandez 03/27/2023

    Oh so this is why someone told me at work, hey I heard your bro threw a brick through a window at ESPN

  • Rosanna LLamera 03/27/2023

    When Aaron Hernandez said he had a girlfriend I believe him.

  • Kenny Bloch 03/27/2023

    Unfortunately his brothers actions had the effects on their life no matter how hard it is to see exploitation in the media it’s their right

  • Shouldn’t have thrown the brick, but he isn’t wrong with what he said. 🤷‍♀️

  • Wow that guy REALLY hates headquarters!

  • Aldwyn Thomas 03/27/2023

    It’s good thing he’s not black ,I would gotten a straight felony lol

  • Jake Parker 03/27/2023

    He wants to get a deep meat sandwich in prison just like his dead brother

  • Jeff Ryan 03/27/2023

    Imagine having a life where you sleep and then you wake up that morning knowing that you’re going to go throw a brick at the ESPN window with a note attached to it. Unreal. Did he brush his teeth before he went and did that? Did he comb his hair first?

  • Jeff Snyder 03/27/2023

    Wait, there’s a big difference between throwing it at ESPN headquarters and throwing in on the ground.

  • James Swizzy 03/27/2023

    Everyone loses their 💩 in their lifetime, espn banned me for life so good for D.J. Representing for the people! 😂

  • Mitch Wilkinson 03/27/2023

    That’s a killer mistake

  • Danny Jay 03/27/2023

    New England patriots

  • Shyla Bateast 03/27/2023

    Boy by Mr.Irrelevant ☠️☠️☠️☠️ TMZ this was a waste of time reporting a nobody kmsl.

  • Hernández HOF.

  • Erik Riggs 03/27/2023

    ESPN reported that he scored a Home Run past the Hoop which landed in the hands of the Wide Receiver and got a hat trick against the Dallas Red Wings.

  • Bro this is so old school lmao, just like tweet at them or sumthin 😂😂😂

  • Seems very mentally stable

  • Sovann Dowling 03/27/2023

    Did the note he wrote spelled realized like that though or typo in KTLa side? Lol

  • John Colon 03/27/2023

    Was the note written in crayon 🖍️

  • Richie Doyle 03/27/2023

    I hope he “realeyeses” the severity of his actions.

  • Michael Chang 03/27/2023

    Throw bricks at a building solves problem doesn’t it? These men aren’t the smartest people.

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