Akademiks Calls Out Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar for Dodging Rap Outlets

Akademiks thinks big-name rappers Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have gotten big heads

Akademiks Calls Out Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar for Dodging Rap Outlets


  • Rachelle Toft 03/27/2023

    This dude is so wack just hush 🤫

  • Matheus Moreira 03/27/2023

    Drake fled Brazil, Miami is much better 😂😂

  • Barbara Wire 03/27/2023

    Why is he in someone else business what about worrying about what he supposed to which is his own business. What everyone else does or does not do is their business.

  • Joey Ortega 03/27/2023

    Jealousy runs rampant.

  • It’s because they’re lacking i n academics

  • AK is a cornball and a lot of times they dont want to do interviews just so they can be asked about a current accusation or recent headline. They wanna talk about their music, their plans, their goals, etc. Can’t speak for them all, but many HH outlets have lost their credibility just because they wanna be more of a tabloid than a journalism piece. Just my 2 opinion.

  • Miguel Velasquez 03/27/2023

    Man this man a cop!

  • Tasha Saurez 03/27/2023

    Theseedøf next thing he’s on them😂

  • Julius Obeng 03/27/2023

    Bro mad Drake pumped and dumped him

  • Larry Jones 03/27/2023

    What he fails to realize is they are at a point they don’t “NEED” rap outlets lol. When the money gets to a certain point, I don’t have to do interviews with someone like Akademiks…..might go to someone more respectful…..but not Akademiks

  • Ron Morris 03/27/2023

    AK is smart if anything…now he got everyone talking about him #101 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Marc Brewer 03/27/2023

    Put him & Charlston White in the same box! Hate soft zaggiN

  • Ty Silents 03/27/2023

    He trying to be relevant again he knows his time is up

  • Marcus Madera 03/27/2023

    Headline achieved, clout chasing worked.

  • Bryan Van Dyke 03/27/2023

    They got big from rapping. Akademiks got big from eating.

  • Donnell Williams 03/27/2023

    you need them, they dont need you

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