‘Aladdin’ Star Mena Massoud Scrubs Twitter After ‘Little Mermaid’ Backlash

‘Aladdin’ Star Mena Massoud Scrubs Twitter After ‘Little Mermaid’ Backlash

‘Aladdin’ Star Mena Massoud Scrubs Twitter After ‘Little Mermaid’ Backlash


  • Tommy M. Ryan 05/13/2023

    So he stated a fact….

  • James Gaiero 05/13/2023

    It’s a whole new world out there

  • Graham Jones 05/13/2023


  • Daniel Burns 05/13/2023

    Imagine only getting the star role in a movie because of woke politics

  • Jason Brinkman 05/13/2023

    The news little mermaid is irrelevant

  • Judy Rushton 05/13/2023

    Little mermaid looks like she’s 12 and he looks 35 why would I take my kids to see this movie

  • Deanna Carrey 05/13/2023

    It’s the Grown Men upset about The little Mermaid for me lmaoooo sick. If you don’t like the change in the movie STICK TO THE original movie. Literally common sense.

  • James St. Pate 05/13/2023

    Dude we only went to see Aladdin bc it had Will Smith in it.

  • Stan Schwaartz 05/13/2023

    It’s a cartoon mermaid. Who gives a f#%* what color she is?

  • Like Will Smith was real reason behind watching it in the first place…….

  • They should have made it faithful to the original fairytale, wherein Mermaid dies in misery, decomposes into sea foam, her love being futile and hopeless. The very least Disney can do is teach young viewers what life really is like.

  • Ashley Rios 05/13/2023

    He’s mad because his role in Aladdin didn’t put him in the spotlight, like he had hoped for.

  • Tracey Scott 05/13/2023

    He is not shading them.
    He is shading that Aladdin didn’t get a sequel.

  • Eric Bellmore 05/13/2023

    I mean .. hes most likely not wrong …

  • Sundiata Keita 05/13/2023

    Lol @ people getting upset over his comments.
    Whether Aladdin or The Little Mermaid.
    The mouse gonna get paid off of all of that.

  • Laurissa Holmes 05/13/2023

    Well…he sorta has a point. Aladdin did okay in the box office and probably won’t get a sequel or even a prequel. TLM…probably as a bigger fan base and have better chances at a sequel. He was shading Aladdin.

  • Jm Florece 05/13/2023

    Well surprise surprise. People angry over anything and everything.

  • I loved Aladdin and I’m sure I’ll love The Little Mermaid. This drama is not needed. Smh

  • Jerrod Foster 05/13/2023

    Take that lamp and shove it, Al’!

  • He’s been bummed about work not coming in after Aladdin

  • PA Abernathy 05/13/2023

    He was terrible in Aladdin

  • Crissy Hampton 05/13/2023

    He didn’t lie. This movie isn’t going to do well.

  • Paul Best 05/13/2023

    Live action works better with TLM. Aladdin works better animated

  • Katherine Montez 05/13/2023

    It was the flip

  • Marcella Cintron 05/13/2023

    Yea cuz that Aladdin live-action was garbage. Only Beauty & the Beast was a good live-action remake. I’m betting TLM will also be amazing.

  • Andrew R Gamboa 05/13/2023

    Aladdin was an amazing movie, all the songs, stuck to the script, Will Smith killed it as Genie. If Robin Williams was alive, sure, would have been Genie, but they literally gave Aladdin justice.

  • Heather Schirra 05/13/2023

    in the new little mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ Ariel has locks/dreads 😫😕🙃 her voice sounds amazing 😉

  • Jenny Campbell 05/13/2023

    Well he’s not wrong. Aladdin was absolutely fantastic.
    From what I’ve seen of the animation in this one it doesn’t look good.

  • David Knight 05/13/2023

    Lots of triggered people responding.. haha

  • Raquel Floris 05/13/2023

    As an actor, he deserved the backlash. Why wouldn’t you want to wish the best for another movie?

  • Jenna Cohen 05/13/2023

    I watched the live action Aladdin everything about it was horrible.

  • Erika My-my 05/13/2023

    Not sure why he wouldn’t want to wish other actors success with their projects. He’s just mad his project didn’t get a sequel, but it may be a case of some bad attitudes🤔

  • Julie Wexler 05/13/2023

    People are ridiculous.

  • Danny Sutherlin 05/13/2023

    I doubt it will make 100m on opening weekend

  • Jody Wilson 05/13/2023

    The world is awakening to the underlying agendas of the entertainment industry owners. If you need to ask what this means, maybe you’re a little slower than the majority. Poor product, declining sales.

  • Ace Castaneda 05/13/2023

    Oh no – crybabies were triggered on Twitter over an opinion 😝😂

  • Alex Lowry 05/13/2023

    I’m not sure what he said was attacking TLM. Actually sounded pretty accurate to me 🤷‍♂️

  • Jamille Mendoza 05/13/2023

    It has begun

  • Carlos Jaramillo 05/13/2023

    Ant no dam live action better then the originals 👍

  • Cory Jack 05/13/2023

    He’s not wrong tho

  • Antoni Castro 05/13/2023

    I can’t wait to watch the movie in my fire tv
    You jail break it and watch it for free 🤣😂

  • Her 🐠 can beat his carpet

  • Kahleena Ariel 05/13/2023

    He did say tlm will get a sequel. Who cares lol.
    I LOVED Aladdin. The best live action by far.

  • Arturo Cabral 05/13/2023

    The lion king and Aladdin are the only best Disney remake

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