Britney Spears Dances for the Camera After Saying Her Name’s Now River Red

She doesn’t want people to call her “CRAY CRAY.”

Britney Spears Dances for the Camera After Saying Her Name’s Now River Red


  • Bruce Neal 01/23/2023

    Got back to work ☺️

  • Mark Hall 01/23/2023

    She needs to give the smokey eye a rest.

  • AJ Christine 01/23/2023

    I feel like she’s slowly losing her mind again. She fought so hard for her independence and she’s squandering it now. She needs to chill tf out.

  • Ryan Lamar 01/23/2023

    Is she on her period?? Heavy flow?? Jeez 😳

  • R Allen Trimble 01/23/2023

    She’s not cray cray. Just plain crazy 😝.

  • Sue Stevens 01/23/2023

    She really needs to stay offline. Poor girl’s not doing well.

  • Tina Marie 01/23/2023

    Stay off social media hun 🤣🤣

  • Catie Farrell 01/23/2023

    Multiple personalities to help cope with her abuse.

  • Is she alright

  • Gloria Stanley 01/23/2023

    Then she needs to stop acting cray cray. Lol

  • Nicole Hart 01/23/2023

    Alyssa Lingerfelt I’d say River is a pretty good name 😏

  • Laura Diane 01/23/2023

    Britney and her forever twirling around. Girl is a ball of energy

  • Olga Reinoso 01/23/2023

    She needs help.

  • Anesta Zapf 01/23/2023

    Same sway, different day

  • David Badillo 01/23/2023

    Dancing in front of a mirror wow she is really crazy 🤣

  • Kalia Harris 01/23/2023

    I seriously think that they used to abuse her when she was working like I really think that they used to give her uppers and downers and possibly even some type of sexual assault this is why she feels the need to ““ take her power back by doing all of these autumn love seeing things like we don’t know what day we had her doing in the background before or after shows

  • Brandon Riffle 01/23/2023

    Clara Luna I’m def worried about her 😳

  • Byron A Hill 01/23/2023

    Been calling her that for almost 20 years.

  • Teresa Wagner 01/23/2023

    Ok Cray Cray

  • Tasia Pilarski 01/23/2023

    Please for love of makeup. Someone do her eye makeup. Get her watch a tutorial or something.

  • Jennifer Fonseca 01/23/2023

    Wow. Slow motion train wreck in the works.

  • Pam Holzman 01/23/2023

    Someone needs to get this girl help and stop making a mockery out of her mental health.

  • Kelley High 01/23/2023

    All this stuff makes you think the #FreeBritney campaign maybe shouldn’t have happened. This is 100% a perfect example why parents should not exploit their children at such young ages. She started young — Mickey Mouse club then a huge pop singer. I’m sure things happened to her along the way. They acted too late to protect her and she probably resents her family for it. I think the best thing she could do would be to live a normal life but I’m not sure she’s capable of that.

  • Kathryn Reed 01/23/2023

    Whatever the Queen wants!!

  • Cathy Mills 01/23/2023

    Girl keep it together, stop doing crazy videos and work on yourself

  • Teresa Yeakey 01/23/2023

    Let this poor girl live her life. Mental health struggles are real. Poking fun at her only makes it worse.

  • Donna BrLee 01/23/2023

    She is going to be her own reason for them to commit her again she’s acting very odd

    And I hate that because this is her first chance to have her own life make her own decisions

  • Ruben Jimenez 01/23/2023

    Maybe we were wrong on this one…. maybe not someone to control her money but just to keep an eye on her

  • Fought so hard for her independence and freedom and yet all she wants to do is be at home and dance in circles 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Cynthia Tardy 01/23/2023

    Straight Cray Cray. I luv her I do..she needs better influencersin her life..she’s not as pretty anymore & way too old for these images of self-destruction..retire Bre Bre. U got ur money u have nothing to prove. Bow out gracefully or be kicked out humiliationally..jmo

  • She will need help her whole life 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖
    Sad! ..she needs to stay off social media.😱

  • Sarah Richelle 01/23/2023

    She never claimed her name is River Red. She simply updated her screen name in IG like many people do

  • Cori Marcoux 01/23/2023

    Was so team Brittany when she wanted out of the conservator ship, but some of her recent behaviour has me scratching my head! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Tina Gould 01/23/2023

    Girl needs a purpose. If she doesn’t need or want to work she should volunteer her time, teach dance classes, or spend time with family and friends. She acts like one of those poor creatures at the zoo that has been caged too long. She doesn’t know what to do with herself.

  • Moira Socovich 01/23/2023

    As long as she is happy—that’s all that matters. ❤️

  • Alyssa Roberts 01/23/2023

    Obviously she’s still very mentally troubled. She’s a singer though, not a dancer. All she can do is twirl and flap her arms. Embarrassing for a middle aged mother.

  • Koku Tona 01/23/2023

    Dancing is her happy place so she seems to have regressed there.

    If left unmedicated & untreated, is an endless loop of happy dancing videos really so bad??

    What does “normal” even look like??

  • Brenda Wolfe 01/23/2023

    I’m concerned about Britney…but her father definitely took advantage of her finances and didn’t care about Her! Who will care…deeply and honestly about Britney? Praying 🙏 for her. I refuse to judge, disrespect or diss her….like the press loves to do.

  • Please, somebody tell BRIT BRIT to step into the ’20s. If only for a moment. Please dump the “hipsters” and the early ’90s las vegas dance moves. I like BRIT or River whatever….but come on.

  • Terrence Polk 01/23/2023

    Kilish Shackles it’s crazy to think we used to love her so much growing up to see what she looks like now! 😬😬

  • Felisha Estrada 01/23/2023

    She can express her freedom by dancing to her fans what is wrong with that people worry too much and complain about someone else’s life

  • Rod Van Buren 01/23/2023

    River Red is a 1998 movie about someone who kills their alcoholic abusive father. 😳

  • Felicia Garris 01/23/2023

    She is one of them that didn’t sale her soul . Pay attention my people 🤦🏾‍♀️ They did something to her .

  • Maybe she needs someone in her life who doesn’t take advantage of her. Her dad did nothing but take from her, and I’m afraid that’s exactly what her husband is doing as well. He sees the mess she post, and instead of addressing it, or getting her some help he just post videos of him on set or working out 🤦🏽‍♀️ Why can’t everyone stop looking for a pay out and ACTUALLY HELP!! 

  • But everyone wanted her to be “free” She was definitely doing better before. She needs help asap

  • She never had a childhood, she had a job more demanding than most people in their adult life. Then she was a fkn prisoner for decades!!! So cut her some freaking slack that she is living all of those years in fast forward and trying to understand who the hell she is!!! Nobody has any idea the hell she has been through or the amount of trauma it has caused. Just be kind!!

  • Lydia Castaneda 01/23/2023

    I have a nerve problem so let me whip my head around. 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Jessica Wutke 01/23/2023

    I’m honestly scared for her 😣

  • Jerry Aguilar 01/23/2023

    I hear Buckcherry every time she posts 🤪

  • Debbie Wright 01/23/2023

    Ok then
    Ms Cray Cray

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