Bryan Kohberger’s Sister Starred in Horror Movie Where Victims Are Stabbed to Death

#UPDATE: Kevin Boon, the director of the horror movie starring the sister of accused Idaho murderer Bryan Kohberger says she never mentioned her brother during filming … and he was super surprised to find out the two were related.

Bryan Kohberger’s Sister Starred in Horror Movie Where Victims Are Stabbed to Death


  • Eric Gutierrez 01/05/2023

    Is this really happening, now the family gets scrutinized for what they had nothing to do with? I’m sure she at one point used a knife to cut a steak. 🤦‍♂️

  • So…we are going to put blame on the sister now.

  • Shelby Hensley 01/05/2023

    Rebekah Nash

  • Heidi Clapper 01/05/2023

    Brittanie Clapper

  • Jeremy Smith 01/05/2023

    A horror movie where the victims are stabbed to death? That never happens.

  • Brittni Fletcher 01/05/2023

    Hopefully we’ll have a probable cause affidavit soon! The only problem is , stuff could still be redacted in it.

  • Jennifer Hart 01/05/2023

    Christina Apostolides

  • Karen Marie 01/05/2023

    Butcher? TMZ do better for the families. So disrespectful.

  • Linda McGrath 01/05/2023

    OMG! Someone gets stabbed to death in a horror movie? What a unique idea. I wonder if anyone ever thought of this for , I don’t know, maybe a Halloween movie? 🙄

  • Aoife Gibbs

  • Kathy Cook Pitts

  • Monica Monberger 01/05/2023

    DeeDee, thought you would find this interesting

  • Yeya Olvera

  • Deborah Elliott 01/05/2023

    Aimee Connolly

  • George Faber 01/05/2023

    Alexandra Levine

  • Norma Tinajero 01/05/2023

    Have his whole family checked and looked into. If that’s what detectives need to do to get to know everything about this guy. His dad seems to already have something to hide.

  • Amanda Lee 01/05/2023

    To be fair, the victims in every slasher movie known to man are stabbed to death

  • Dawn Lewis 01/05/2023

    Meranda Lynn

  • Casey Young 01/05/2023

    So basically y’all are gonna throw the sister under the bus, mess up her future all bc she’s related to a murderer? Newsflash, every horror slasher movie has people getting slashed.

  • Mariam Hameed 01/05/2023

    He was a PHD student in criminology !! Last thing he would do is look for ideas from a movie!!

  • Lilo Love 01/05/2023

    Dee Serr

  • Chandra Mandee 01/05/2023

    When is our next update on this guy tmz? Wat time is he eating today? We’re waiting patiently

  • Jacob Davis 01/05/2023

    Aubree Wright Davis

  • Feli Sha 01/05/2023

    Victor Almodovar

  • Michelle Lutz 01/05/2023

    Haley Turpin

  • Jake Floyd 01/05/2023

    Well that movie is going to blow. 

  • Rachel Emery Walker

  • Shayna Engelhard 01/05/2023

    This just gets more sick by the day!

  • Pau Chiongson 01/05/2023


  • Jamie Decker 01/05/2023

    Brandy Lopez

  • Jeremy Rios 01/05/2023

    Im gnna watch the movie to support this family

  • Brian Giddens 01/05/2023

    He has that Ted Bundy stare

  • Theodore Miller 01/05/2023

    Oh totally, his sister was in a horror movie so that’s totally why dude went out and murdered 4 people lol. Ya good one TMZ nice detective work lol

  • Rachel Lynn 01/05/2023

    Some people think that even though he’s guilty he’s going to walk
    And essentially pull off the ‘perfect’ crime, which is what he intended the whole time

  • Princess Maria 01/05/2023

    Oh no! He’s the guy who butchered the four university students? I hadn’t known that. I am glad that he was finally caught!! Good job police!!

  • Shanny Mac 01/05/2023

    I saw this on TikTok last night but didn’t understand the connection because the comments were turned off.

  • Ashley Morrow 01/05/2023

    Kayelynne Grant

  • Ashley Morrow 01/05/2023

    Norma Johnson

  • Casey Simpson 01/05/2023

    Is the sister single? Asking for a friend

  • Marv In 01/05/2023

    Alyssa アリッサ

  • KA Gould 01/05/2023

    This story keeps getting crazier and crazier…and we don’t even know all the details of the freaking murders yet😳

  • Carmen Scott 01/05/2023

    She’s not responsible for the actions of her brother nor should she be judged thereby. Hope this horrible tragedy doesn’t negatively impact her

  • Eddie Garcia 01/05/2023

    Frank Phillip Aguilar

  • Oh my God! This is gonna make an interesting documentary when it’s all over.

  • Emm Bailey 01/05/2023

    ALL in the family!

  • Charmel Chilling 01/05/2023

    They sure found that killer fast for those light skinned people 🤐🤐🤐

  • Dawn Summer 01/05/2023

    Obviously anyone with an immediate relative in a movie is going to watch that movie, probably multiple times. Perhaps it became a fantasy for him. Horrible.

  • Linda Waite 01/05/2023

    The police say the first thing he asked was anyone else arrested. Could it be he isn’t the killer but knows who the killer is?

  • Emily Stroud 01/05/2023

    These two guys in front of the camera talking
    I don’t know what their names are the older guy and the black guy they don’t need to be together talking because the black guy keeps talking over the old guy they lijke competing for each other they need to just have one guy up there the old guy

  • Emily Stroud 01/05/2023

    Yeah, sorry man I called you an old guy

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