CA is grateful for President Joe Biden’s efforts to strengthen our gun laws &amp…

CA is grateful for President Joe Biden‘s efforts to strengthen our gun laws & make our streets, schools, & communities safer.

CA & the Biden Administration have worked to save lives & end the epidemic of gun violence that has plagued our nation. Now, it’s time for Congress to step up & do their job.


  • Mary Alred 03/14/2023

    In case you have not noticed Gavin Newsom our state is decimated with flooding !

  • Rob Haerr 03/14/2023

    Go after “ghost guns” and criminals using guns. We have plenty of laws for people who follow the law. Enforce the laws on the books. Use sentencing enhancements when guns are used in crimes of robbery, car-jacking, etc. The Governor’s appointed District Attorneys are not holding criminals accountable to the laws meant to protect real victims.

  • Matthew Morrison 03/14/2023


  • Amanda Nariel 03/15/2023

    CA already has the toughest firearm law… But you forget you are only hurting the law abiding citizens. Maybe just disarm your guard details and see how you feel about that. Maybe less dictationship.🤔

  • No guns at all!

  • Jason Murphy 03/15/2023

    Of course Newsom applauds unconstitutional gun grabs.

    He is a traitor to the USA… Biden is senile

  • Andrew Aydin 03/15/2023

    Love 💕 is safer than guns ❣️

  • Lynda Ricci 03/15/2023

    Lower elect. Gas. Food. Rent This is horrific for the American people. Guns too. HELP AMERICANS

  • Katarina Minola 03/16/2023

    Lol…i dont know whos more ineffective..bisen or newsom

  • Ruben G Ruiz Jr. 03/16/2023

    Only cowards need guns

  • Justin L Susana 03/16/2023

    Tyrants 🤡

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