Career high & the dub.

Career high & the dub.


  • AR is better MJ himself 🤓

  • Joshua Ferrer 03/19/2023

    They better give him contract extension now he is free agent this off season. Other teams might offer him more that he couldn’t resists. Especially his game is improving day by day his value is going up better lock him up.

  • Hai Olvera 03/19/2023

    Caruso who?

  • Austin Womack 03/19/2023

    STONE COLD Reaves, Austin!!

  • Jak Must Groove 03/19/2023

    Plays like john Stockton!!! Hes da nan!!!!!

  • That’s because he cut his freaking bangs thats so annoying. Now there’s no distractions.

  • Mario Campbell 03/19/2023

    Good work AR!!

  • Henry Gradiz 03/19/2023

    And I thought this was AD team 😂 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Whew! Austin Is The Great Magician 🎩… Outstanding performance 👏. Whelp! I guess LBJ got a good left wing man now. Don’t Kyrie anymore. 👌💯👀🔥👏

  • Rick Kott 03/19/2023

    The Man, the Myth , the Legend!

  • Dwain T Bradshaw 03/19/2023

    AR15 played better than AD! That’s Krazy! And why the not playing Lonnie Walker IV.??

  • Kenny Kobe 03/19/2023

    Let’s go TEAM, GO LAKERS!!! 💜💛
    Big game Austin 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  • Sevan Torosian 03/19/2023

    Austin saved Ham. He doesn’t know how to coach! And , what the hell happened to AD?

  • Steven King 03/19/2023

    AR15 sure won this game tonight. He’ll get his bag next year. LAKERS better pay this man. He earn it plus he is reliable and high IQ.

  • Kay Maykol 03/19/2023

    Austin Rives should have been call the Philosopher Stone 🪨

  • The lucky Haircut.

  • Té Kee 03/19/2023

    Reaves ain’t have a 40 pt game the other year w Monk?

  • Frank De Castro 03/19/2023

    Hope Pelinka and Buss convince HAM to make him as a starter instead of Beasly or just give him more playing minutes…or simply replace HAM who can properly handle those guys…

  • AD is not himself since Dlo came back..

  • Anthony Ortega 03/19/2023

    Must have been some shorties in floor seats again to activate his Mamba

  • NJ Tadam 03/19/2023

    it seems that he is fed up with the performance of AD who was expected to guide the team but failed..that’s why he’s the beast for today’s game…

  • Wally Fallorin 03/19/2023

    Fresh cut Reaves is different. 😤😤😤 #MVP

  • amazing game for AR,, Thank you for still giving us hope #LakersNation #LakersBasketball

  • The “King James” is out for the Lakers! The “Price Reaves” took over!!!😂🔥🔥

  • Cyreel Basabica 03/19/2023

    Where can we buy? No. 15 jersey?

  • KJ Jandayan 03/19/2023

    AD’s performance was just sad. Won a chip once and all of a sudden he doesn’t care anymore. Only doubles down on his mistakes but doesn’t do anything to improve himself. Come on dude.

  • Hassan Kh 03/19/2023

    Suns game is an L based on tonight’s performance

  • The heart and soul of this team right now. Ad again a disappointment

  • Matt Wain 03/19/2023

    Thank God for Austin Reeves. What an amazing game. Love that Schroder and Reeves comes off the bench to makes us so much better. Let’s build wins.#Lakers Nation.

  • Michael Jim Go 03/19/2023

    AD is soft tonight almost costs us the game with his poor play, and poor free throw shooting

  • Jeff Jordan 03/19/2023

    This guy has a very high basketball IQ! His time is starting to come! Great job Austin! 👏

  • Barely beating the Magic doesn’t give much hope if Davis keep coming out flat and Beasley shooting blanks, Reaves saved this game

  • Ac D Monroe 03/19/2023

    Kid can ball, and he’s a hard worker as well.

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