Chargers Interview Rams’ Greg Olson for Offensive Coordinator

we’ve completed an interview with Rams’ senior offensive assistant Greg Olson for offensive coordinator.

Chargers Interview Rams’ Greg Olson for Offensive Coordinator


  • Robert Green 01/24/2023


  • Justin Ledwidge 01/24/2023

    Can we maybe expand further then across town for candidates??

  • Stephen Erceg 01/24/2023

    Why Rams offense was terrible!

  • Bryan Aviga 01/24/2023

    Might as well interview the Rams waterboy also smh

  • Justin Ledwidge 01/24/2023

    Chargers interview Rams janitor for offensive coordinator 🙄

  • James Terracina 01/24/2023

    I know a guy who hangs outside of my local liquor store too if you guys need more no name candidates

  • El Toro 01/24/2023

    Lets interview the team that went 5-12

  • Jeff Scharf 01/24/2023

    Lol we will continue to be slightly above average. Just what it is.

  • Dylan Ridgel 01/24/2023

    Another seasoned OC would be nice too.

  • Chargers chargering again….Keep it up!🤣

  • Travis Hawkins 01/24/2023

    How about invest in someone worth it that can actually utilize the chargers weapons and make a real run at the SB

  • He was on the raiders staff with gruden

  • Lesley Kruse 01/24/2023

    Whomever they can pay for like $20/hr is who they’ll hire.

  • Catherine Hornik 01/24/2023

    The coach should have been fired

  • David Rodriguez 01/24/2023


  • Rosa Verdin 01/24/2023

    Great from Bad to Worse!!!

  • Kyle Holtman 01/24/2023

    Go after Byron Leftwich! He’s a great OC!

  • Jason Mateo 01/24/2023

    CHARGERS had problems in SD now in LA … it’s never going to stop people

  • Sonny Vasquez 01/24/2023

    On the Cheap….everything is on the cheap because the Chargers don’t want to win the Super Bowl….

  • Pedro Murga 01/24/2023

    Who else from the rams is getting interview? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • What’s the point of a defensive coordinator if brandon Staley calls all the defensive plays and can we please get a new strength and conditioning coaches ffs these chargers made of glass

  • James Continelli 01/24/2023


  • Chargers tryna be the rams so bad😂

  • Berni de Nina 01/24/2023

    How was the rams offense last season?

  • Andrew Sherrod 01/24/2023

    Can we stop playing Staley buddy game already

  • 'lei Talamoni 01/24/2023

    Is there anyone from the Rams we haven’t interviewed yet?? Chargers trying to save money on moving costs?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ricky Streight 01/24/2023

    Bring 70yo Norv Turner back in as a 1 year rental for Herb since Staley is probably gone next year with his coaching staff anyway. Herb could use a real mastermind QB whisperer in his development years that we shouldn’t be wasting.

  • Luca Brasi 01/24/2023

    Sooo yall Interviewing everybody on their staff wtf? Just fire everybody

  • Lucio Avilez 01/24/2023

    Una de las peores ofensivas

  • Kyle Grande 01/24/2023

    How about stay away from the next door neighbors? Always with the Rams sloppy seconds

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