chicken parm is back on the menu.

chicken parm is back on the menu.


  • Natalie D'Amour 03/17/2023

    YESSSSS ⚡⚡⚡

  • Kevin Layrock 03/17/2023

    Stay healthy dude a red zone mismatch

  • Dominique Sinsay 03/17/2023

    But couldn’t keep 49 for 5M?!?!

  • Randy Sunga 03/17/2023

    Yes! Maybe do the same with Drue!

  • Eddie Miedo 03/17/2023

    Cool, but I’m mad at ya rn 😒

  • So looks in the draft they are going for the Best player available

  • Troy Hertzog 03/17/2023

    John Hertzog

  • Jarrod McSwain 03/17/2023

    I bet his numbers go up since eckler won’t be there taking All the receptions.

  • Ryan Isenhour 03/17/2023

    Good move y’all mad about ek but should really be mad at ek

  • Rolondo Bishop 03/17/2023

    He stays Hurt why not draft an TE

  • Can we sign Saquon Barkley please and pay Ekeler that would be a nice one two punch

  • Matthew Roberts 03/17/2023

    Losing Ekeler will get all these dudes more red zone targets, this team desperately needed to get better inside the 20’s and there is no excuse to be 18th in the league when you have Herbert and you’re paying Allen and Mike Dub all that money.

  • Mike Higgins 03/17/2023

    Dude…..he likes catching those bombs from Justin…..hopefully with this new OC. 😎👍⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Michael Pesce 03/17/2023

    Too cheap for Schultz! Should draft a TE. Mckitty has no hands and Chicken Parm goes down so easy after every weak tackle!

  • Adrian Gonzalez 03/17/2023

    i would rather had kept drue than re sign parham or pipkins lol

  • D.L. Hinds 03/17/2023

    Sucks to likely lose Dru. He is legit player in middle and I’m thinking he will get 4-6 years and 5-8 million per. We have a little money left but not big money. Getting Kendrick’s is really good deal and stud tackler. That lessens the pain of losing Dru but because we restructured Allen, Williams, Bosa, Mack… we will be in tight situation next year. So important we hit on our draft picks this year and GET 10 done!!!!

  • Allyson Parham 03/17/2023

    Excited to see what cousin will do with the me OC! #parhamfamily

  • Dusty Antonio 03/17/2023

    Let’s see if he can stay on the field…

  • Russ Washburn 03/17/2023

    Parham is not a chicken. Hopefully the new staff will have him coached up so he doesn’t get hurt. I think he he’s a threat.

  • Sarah James 03/17/2023

    Glad to hear

  • Willy Parsons 03/17/2023

    Draft Nayer from Notre Dame ☘️

  • Leo Wilke 03/17/2023

    Hopefully he can stay healthy. He could make a major impact in the Moore offence.

  • Ken Moody 03/17/2023


  • Jamie Surber 03/17/2023

    Weak signing. Our team has gotten markedly worse, but coupon tom and spANUS couldnt care any less about being contenders. Its all about profit. Last year was unusual. This is the norm. Coupon tom showing hes playing checkers while real GMs are playing chess. Herbert needs to find a franchise thats serious about winning.

  • Dude is useless

  • Boris Esser 03/17/2023

    Smart move 👌🏻⚡️

  • Chris Fredericks 03/17/2023

    This is a depth signing…

  • Y’all may have forgot that we still have Stone Smartt. A TE that they like a lot who we drafted last season

  • Shane Kooker 03/17/2023

    Maybe he’ll play 8 games this year ??

  • Dana James Huth 03/17/2023

    Please no more head injuries.

  • Ricky Streight 03/17/2023

    One of our best prospects in a long time whose development was cut short to a gruesome injury. Very happy to have him back with Justin Herbert I hope he shows out.

  • Hopefully they got this guy for cheap. Lots of upside, but potential doesn’t mean actual. Everett is nice though. He’ll have a big year.

  • David Vargas 03/17/2023

    Another hurt player for the year😞

  • Gary Acha

  • Ron Glassi 03/17/2023

    Huge potential mismatch for other teams if his body will finally be healthy

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