Chloe Bailey’s New Sex Scene Sparks Colorism Convo About Halle Berry

Chloe Bailey’s New Sex Scene Sparks Colorism Convo About Halle Berry

Chloe Bailey’s New Sex Scene Sparks Colorism Convo About Halle Berry


  • Davida Young 03/19/2023

    🤣🤣 how..

  • Ivan Geerman 03/19/2023

    What movie is it? Friend asking

  • Latrice Raynor 03/19/2023

    Chloe get delivered. You do not have to take your cloths off. You are a natural talent.

  • Man let her live wtf going on lol she chilling

  • LaPorcia Norris 03/19/2023

    She no Halle Berry….stop it

  • Nate Scott 03/19/2023

    What does Halle Berry have to do with this? I see why Elon Musk brought Twitter.

  • Marvin Pitambar 03/19/2023

    Listen Man that scene from swordfish still holds up…I would’ve said monster’s ball but that was just creepy

  • Toni Wellons 03/19/2023

    Ppl need to stop reaching!! As I can recall this is acting and she hasn’t done anything like this before. And Halle’s was a different situation she was well into her acting career!!! Ppl just coming up with any argument they can find to bash Chloe!! Colorism has nothing to do with this!! Stop it 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Reggie L. Harris 03/19/2023

    This scene, she was more like Halle Barely. We didn’t see much, at all.

  • Halle took back shots so that EVERYONE could receive back shots AND an Oscar. 🤣☠️

  • Terré LaShane 03/19/2023

    Lisa Bonet did a sex scene and so…. Yeah chill with the colorism. Let acting be about acting and not about color. It’s always about color.

  • Ni Que 03/19/2023

    Whats the colorism convo because they’re the same complexion

  • Off Gucci 03/19/2023

    Chloe & Halle looking like snacks 👀❤️

  • Kayla Rose 03/19/2023

    Quite the mental gymnastics going on in this article. Still not seeing what a sex scene has to do with racism but okay.

  • Jade Allmond 03/19/2023

    People so extra they find anything to fuss about

  • Wait hold on. That lady said Halle Berry is not black? I am pretty sure miss Berry will beg to differ?

  • Greg M. Janover 03/19/2023

    In this movie chloe comes off

  • Amber Nichelle 03/19/2023

    Lmaoooo I know Beyoncé clutched her pearls watching that scene

  • Torris Turner 03/19/2023

    She grown and it wasn’t like Halle at all. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • I don’t know what the controversy is but Chloe won me over in those white shorts 👀 I had no idea 😵‍💫

  • Freda FromVenus 03/19/2023

    TMZ right on schedule with their bullshyte posts.

  • Johnson La 03/19/2023

    Monster Ball was originally written for Angela Bassett and she turned it down. Twitter just says anything and doesn’t know history at all.

  • Ayla Mitchell 03/19/2023

    Lmao y’all must have never seen a plump rump from the back 🤣🤣

  • Edward Keels 03/19/2023

    Fux a snack Chloe & Halle looking like soul food👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️

  • Joel Blumofe 03/19/2023

    Can this go viral 🙏

    Please take a moment to view, help and share 🙏 it is not easy to ask for help but I need to swallow pride at this time 😔

    Thank you 💙


  • Renee Knight 03/19/2023

    I wish people knew what passing means It means that you’re living a life passing to be white. Halle Berry is not passing.

  • Christopher Lea 03/19/2023

    Some of y’all “fans” do to much 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Mike E Ruh 03/19/2023

    Oh? We calling it colorism now, lol

  • They must be comparing this to the Halle Berry & Billie Bob Thornton’s monster’s ball sex scene 😬🫣🥴

  • Emil Clemons 03/19/2023

    Halle is not ‘white passing’, she passes the ‘paper bag’ test which is NOT the same. All of that mess is racist buffonery but let’s get the references right if we’re going to use asinine ‘Jim Crow’ BS. Rashida Jones is ‘white-passing’. Ms Bailey is allowed to do what she wants, when she wants and how she wants.

  • I ain’t really heard one person mention this but gone and explain how the ppl in your head talked about this. 🤣

  • Oh this only an issue because twitter users got something to say about it 😂.

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