Colin Cowherd Says MJ’s Legacy is Nothing Without Jackson, Pippen

Colin Cowherd Says MJ’s Legacy is Nothing Without Jackson, Pippen

Colin Cowherd Says MJ’s Legacy is Nothing Without Jackson, Pippen


  • Patrick Tripp 03/18/2023

    This is why Lebron is the GOAT!

  • Ken Jenks 03/18/2023

    No the Legacy is because of Nike. Jordan has been retired for 25 yrs. He’s still relevant cause he still carries an entire brand on his back & sells sneakers. Colin is wrong.

  • Real Paul 03/18/2023

    Man got a point MJ didn’t do it all by his self

  • Sbaal Hpesoj 03/18/2023

    All players couldn’t do what they do without their teammates 🤷‍♂️

  • Tain Meeks 03/18/2023

    That is true……

  • Omar Manning 03/18/2023

    Who was Phil Jackson before Jordan

  • Brian Perrault 03/18/2023

    Colin is wrong more often than he’s right. 🤣

  • You could say the same for them! They were nothing without MJ. Enough said and move on!

  • Scott Zuidewind 03/18/2023

    It takes more than one man! But Jordan gave that whole team life!

  • William W. 03/18/2023

    More like the other way around lol 😂😂 93-94 proved that

  • Bruno Oliveira 03/18/2023


  • Jordan Williams 03/18/2023

    I would agree! Because he wasn’t able to ascend until he got him as a number 2 and actually win.

  • Rick Hagelauer 03/18/2023

    No one’s is anyone without everyone that they played with.

  • Mary K Valentine 03/18/2023

    And visa versa. MJ knows he had help. He has class.

  • Bob Gauthier 03/18/2023

    Wonder what Colin’s legacy will be like? 😆

  • Gianni Zico 03/18/2023

    Jordan literally said “ there is no Michael Jordan without Pippen” in the last dance. This isn’t boxing. It’s a team sport. Nobody has won a championship on their own

  • Michael Hall 03/18/2023

    He sounds like a hater and let’s be honest you can say that about any player… No one does it alone takes all the players and coaches…always the guy who never has played before

  • Colin’s legacy is nothing period. Everyone knows he’s a fool. He’s the analyst who gets something right once in a while but not very often. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Mickey Burgess 03/18/2023

    If Jordan’s career had end when Pippen and Phil got there we would still be talking about Michael Jordan today.Would we be talking about Pippen and Phil? 😏

  • Yep.. Phil Jackson.. I guess Pat Riley made Magic too.. and Kerr made Stephen Curry.. 😒 Someone forgot to tell him that Lebron loss the Goat debate.. it’s JORDAN.. check your inbox Colin.. update your lexicon.. he’s still pushing for Lebron. That’s over bro..

  • Jeremy Story 03/18/2023

    How many rings did they win while he was playing baseball 😆

  • Jill GonzRey 03/18/2023

    He’s correct. If it wasn’t for their additions, he wouldn’t have gotten out of the Eastern conference finals.

  • Someone forget Michael was doing all this before Phil and Scottie? Also where was Scottie most of 98? Yea Mike the goat

  • Adrian Cerda 03/18/2023

    As Lebron’s is nothing without D Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Kryrie, AD, and Kevin Love.

  • William Smith 03/18/2023

    Because Phil Jackson and Scottie Pippen made the big shots?

    Jordan winning dunk contest and scoring 63 points against the Celtics in the playoffs was before Phil and Pipp, even though Jordan lost that game, it’s the game that helped shape his legacy.

  • Kashif Huda 03/18/2023

    1 player can only do so much…even Lebron realized that when jumping teams…duh

  • Adrien Partida 03/18/2023

    It’s the truth. It took that to get over the hump. People think basketball began and ended with MJ. All time great, Mt Rushmore fa sho but EVERYONE needs help

  • Tony Anderson 03/18/2023

    Bingo I’m glad somebody said it.come on man as good as Mike was he didn’t do it by himself.

  • David Gerth Jr 03/18/2023

    Everybody needs help in team sports basketball is not an individual game. Everybody needs teammates.

  • Domingo Perez 03/18/2023

    By the way, who is Colin Cowherd? never heard of her…

  • Clemente N Liz 03/18/2023

    Well he’s got a pt, mj had a coach that has how many rings? Lbj has coaches that are recent players lol

  • Jorge Fernandez 03/18/2023

    MJ made Pippen the player he was. If he was drafted on another team he wouldn’t have been the Pippen we know

  • Eddie Young 03/18/2023

    Jordan don’t care what he thinks Jeter didn’t win all of them World Series bye him self

  • Mark Graubins 03/18/2023

    And his legacy is nothing without ESPN and FOX Sports

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