Damar Hamlin Attendance Fuels Body Double Conspiracy Theories, Sources Say BS

Damar Hamlin’s presence at the Bills playoff game has fueled wild conspiracies

Damar Hamlin Attendance Fuels Body Double Conspiracy Theories, Sources Say BS


  • Jenny Bruno 01/23/2023

    Jessica Anderson Hershey 👀

  • Sacha Rosen 01/23/2023

    The dumbing down of America 🇺🇸 is complete.

  • People be on social media way to much and it shows

  • Jeff Cecil 01/23/2023

    Mark Joseph you aren’t the only one 👀

  • Lisa Ann 01/23/2023

    Ppl are ridiculous and so are all these conspiracies

  • Jay Ferreira 01/23/2023

    I thought they were going to ride that storyline all the way to the Superbowl. Glad they lost lol

  • Anne Bono 01/23/2023

    Wow.. It’s scary what people come up with and BELIEVE these days..

  • Antonio Macro 01/23/2023

    Yea that’s pretty dumb. Definitely a conspiracy. Vaccine injuries however aren’t conspiracy.

  • Kevin Godert 01/23/2023

    It was a hologram projected on a silk screen.

  • Eric Rez 01/23/2023

    People lives must be so boring that they’re online thinking they’re discovering the “truth”

  • Mike TrillVision 01/23/2023

    When they say America has a metal health problem, this is what they mean.

  • Chelsea Boltz 01/23/2023

    Trever Boltz

  • Eric A Repine 01/23/2023

    Well I will say the whole injury was staged. He was never hurt that bad. They tried the injury faaking thing yesterday.

  • Govt… we need a clone

    Goodell: who u want Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Devante Adams, Joe Burrow???

    Govt: No we want Demar Hamlin 😂😂😂😂

    Y’all gotta stop with these conspiracies

  • Mike Stang 01/23/2023

    Yal love the gossip, clearly its a heart to the fans, yal wild

  • Christie Hartman 01/23/2023

    Ppl really need to get a life.

  • Bill Dilmore 01/23/2023

    Here we go…

  • Larry Whorton 01/23/2023

    Idk what’s going on but something is DEFINITELY off about this whole situation. The people that don’t see that are clearly not wanting to see that something isn’t right.

  • “Presence”

  • Karla Mayela 01/23/2023

    en Mexico les decimos mmds!!

  • Eric Rogde 01/23/2023

    All I want to know, is there any toilet paper.!

  • Frank Allie 01/23/2023

    Bless their little hearts.

  • Joel Regan 01/23/2023

    Josh Crane tf, I told you!!!

  • Erica Langford 01/23/2023

    A bunch of uneducated fools in these comments…He could have had a setback breathing in the cold freezing air. He still isn’t 100% regardless of how much it seems he has recovered.

  • Brad Wingfield 01/23/2023

    If he’s healthy enough to walk the streets and post the pics on IG and go to the game and stand up waving his arms in a suite all he has to do is a interview or post a video on socials to quiet all the ?s. Usually media companies are all over being the first for a sit down. Everything is super hush and why they keep hiding his face ?

  • Kandi Blanton 01/23/2023

    Yes yes yes!!! So happy to see that he was able to make it to the game 🏈

  • Randall Pass 01/23/2023

    There are every day people. I know personally. That actually really believe in this stuff. And talking with them is scary.

  • Bill Harvey 01/23/2023

    So many nuts, so few asylums.

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