Draw at DHSP. #LAGalaxy x Angry Orchard

Draw at DHSP.

#LAGalaxy x Angry Orchard


  • Calvyn Jacobs 03/18/2023

    What’s the score

  • Bagas Hidayat 03/18/2023


  • Edgar Esparza 03/18/2023

    I think this is the worst Galaxy team ever.

  • Plocc Galeana 03/18/2023

    For once I feel they actually deserved the W. Bad reff decision on joveljic’s goal

  • Tyler Knezevich 03/18/2023

    That was like watching paint dry

  • Eddie Smash 03/18/2023

    We got robbed !

  • Irvan Cheung 03/18/2023


  • What’s the score?

  • Ryan Paavola 03/18/2023

    Midfield was definitely a step above last week but Delgado has work to do, should’ve been three points at the end of the day but apparently your hands are on your chest now. As always #KleinOut

  • Freddy Mejia 03/18/2023

     This team should be in the USL competing, the worst galaxy I seen in years . as a fan it hurts ,that coach needs to be fired is the same thing over and over. We need new Coach 😡😡

  • Pablo Gomez 03/18/2023

    Delgado juega horrible

  • Michael Garcia 03/18/2023

    I guess it can just go up from now. Is been really poor if vanney does not win a tittle this year him and Klein should be gone.

  • Keith Kocka 03/18/2023

    They’re really our toughest opponent over the last 5 years.

  • Travis Johnson 03/18/2023

    God bless the MLS not having relegation 🫠🤣

  • Jared K. McLaren 03/18/2023


  • #KleinOut

  • Hilde Almeida 03/18/2023

    Robbed of a win.NO HANDBALL.

  • Andres Torres 03/18/2023

    No bueno

  • Alvarez has to go

  • Fan since 2000 but this team need some more good player Puig Jovelijic’ Dios nos guarde el 4 de julio 🥹🥹

  • Luis Pineda 03/18/2023

    Feels like another loss, #KleinOut

  • Sam Sanchez 03/18/2023


  • Hunter Schrader 03/18/2023

    bs we got two taken away

  • Greg Borgogna 03/18/2023

    Tough when you are playing against the ref

  • This is definitely NOT L.A.’s team 😂

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