Each year we pay tribute to CA’s best and bravest, especially those who’ve made …

Each year we pay tribute to CA’s best and bravest, especially those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. We thank you for your dedication and service.

Thank you to all California Highway Patrol officers and families for the sacrifices you make to protect and serve CA each & every day.


  • Chris Smirnoff 05/09/2023

    Yet there are people in our state who’d want to abolish the CHP and our governor occasionally panders to them.

  • Ronnie Rockitt 05/09/2023

    Just think if the guy that killed the Selma police officer was kept in prison where he should have been the LEO would still be alive. But Newsom and the Democrats weakened the laws in California.

  • Winnie Marino 05/09/2023

    People who are willing to make sacrifices are always worthy of respect!🥰🥰🥰

  • Kevin Lavden 05/09/2023

    Police officers have my respect but I have no respect for this socialist Governor or what he stands for …

  • Ro Rosenkranz 05/10/2023

    you honor the dead officers and don’t support the live ones. The things one has to do to get your respect.

  • Karen Michele 05/10/2023

    I think Biden has done an amazing job. He came into the worst situation of any president and has been fighting the brainwashed cultists. But his age is a reality and without a good candidate, we could lose. GOVERNOR NEWSOM is a great option. PLEASE RUN!

  • Maria McNeill 05/10/2023

    Hey Slick Gavin…so I see you’re backtracking on your reparations debacle. LMAO!! Pity the poor fools that thought this would ever really happen. I hope this is the dangling carrot you’re yanking away that finally wakes minorities up and they finally realize they’re always being lied to by #Democrats.

  • Hi

  • Jeffrey Houle 05/13/2023

    Newsom is a crook!! 💩💩💩💩

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