Final from LA. GEICO | #BundlingMadeEasy

Final from LA.

GEICO | #BundlingMadeEasy


  • Nick Miller 03/18/2023

    Do we ever have deception in the shoot out? Flat again.

  • Jason Leinen 03/18/2023

    Their goalie was better than ours

  • Ani Skysucker 03/18/2023

    Can some tell the iinx Alex Faust to shut the hell up during a game broadcast about what WOULD happen if the Kings were to win or other such things!

  • Louis Mahinay 03/18/2023

    At least we got a point…

  • Rob Sherriff 03/18/2023

    Horrible! Terrible passing and sloppy play. Didn’t look like they wanted to win that game. What a disgrace!

  • Edgar Reyes 03/18/2023

    That’s what you get for doing that silly pride night nonsense. Kids go to games and you’re trying to force that lifestyle on them. I had to take one of those rainbow flags from the fans in my section. That garbage doesn’t belong in hockey.

  • Solid 2 periods crapped out in 3rd overtime and shootout

  • Jim Clark 03/18/2023

    Tough one to take. Hate getting out skilled in OT and shootout like that but Demko was outrageous tonight. PP looks a little flat. Gotta move it faster.

  • RJ Pops II 03/18/2023

    I’m still trying to understand during the 3 on 3. Kings passing to no one. 🤔.
    And giving the puck back to Vancouver.
    Glad no 3 on 3 in the playoffs.

  • Tim Henri 03/18/2023

    Totally fumbled this one. How you gonna out shoot a team by over double and still somehow lose? Awful.

  • Get rid of that black trailer on the ice. Awful. Let us follow the puck ourselves.

  • Time for the whiners!!!Go

  • Dennis Newman 03/18/2023

    Worst game of the season. We always play to our competition and tonight it bite us. Kopi another -1 again tonight with touching a Canuck once.

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