• 2004 – Missed Playoffs
    2005 – Missed Playoffs
    2006 – Destroyed In 2nd Round
    2007 – Destroyed In Finals
    2008 – Destroyed In 2nd Round
    2009 – Destroyed By Dwight Howard
    2010 – Choked In 2nd Round
    2011 – Choked In Finals
    2012 – Saved By Strike Season
    2013 – Saved By Ray Allen
    2014 – Destroyed In Finals
    2015 – Destroyed In Finals
    2016 – Saved By Adam Silver
    2017 – Destroyed In Finals
    2018 – Destroyed In Finals
    2019 – Missed Playoffs
    2020 – Bubble Chumps
    2021 – Destroyed In 1st Round
    2022 – Missed Playoffs (As The Favorite Western Conference Team To Make Finals)

    Cavs vs Celtics Game 3 (2017 Playoffs)
    Lebron scored a total of 11 points…

    Cavs vs Pistons Game 1 (2007 Playoffs)
    Lebron scored a total of 10 points…

    Lakers vs Blazers Game 2 (2020) Playoffs)
    Lebron scored a total of 10 points…

    Heat vs Mavs Game 4 (2011 Playoffs)
    Lebron scored a total of 8 points…

    Heat vs Pacers (2014 Playoffs)
    Lebron scored a total of 7 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists…

    MJ played 4 seasons/284 fewer games than Lebron. Also MJ…
    – 2 More rings
    – 2 More finals MVPs
    – 1 More MVP
    – 1 More DPOY
    – 9 More scoring titles
    – 3 More steals titles
    – 3 More all-defensive teams

    Special Note: Returning Lebron’s fanbase logic to them, AD joined a 37 win Lakers who didn’t even make the playoffs and turned them into champions…

    Top 75 teammates: Lebron-5 / MJ-2

    Seasons with 2 qualifying all-star teammates: Lebron-5 / MJ-0

    Top 5 draft pick teammates: Lebron-21 / MJ-1

    Missed Playoffs: Lebron-4 / MJ-0

    Total rings: Lebron-4 / MJ-6

    Finals losses: Lebron-6 / MJ-0

    If you want rings, look at Bill Russell
    If you want records, look at Wilt
    If you want mentality, look at Kobe
    If you want dominance, look at Shaq
    If you want accolades, look at Kareem
    If you want stats, look at Lebron
    If you want all of the above, look at MJ

    117 NBA players from Lebron’s era voted who they believe is the greatest NBA player of all-time. This is the results…
    1. Michael Jordan (73%)
    2. Lebron James (11.9%)
    Other (15.1%)

    MJ’s era, along with modern NBA coaches voted MJ as the greatest of all-time at a higher percentage. And fan voting has placed MJ as the greatest of all-time at just above 75% of the votes…

    Not only does MJ have beat Lebron in more prime for prime comparisons, but so does 6 other all-time greats, including Larry Bird. Below is Birds prime stats on the left and Lebron’s on the right…

    PPG – 27.3/26.6 – Bird
    AST – 6.8/6.9 – Lebron
    REB – 9.8/7.3 – Bird
    STL – 1.8/1.6 – Bird
    BLK – 0.9/0.7 – Bird
    TOV – 3.1/3.5 – Bird
    FG% – 51.2/53.2 – Lebron
    3P% – 40.0/36.5 – Bird
    FT% – 89.9/74.9 – Bird

    Larry Bird beats Lebron 7-2 when comparing their stats from 5 years of their primes. Lebron’s longevity achievements, not prime abilities, has gotten him placed so high on the all-time greats, whereas many other greats are lower on the all-time greats for the same reasons. So only by recency bias and media narratives, Lebron has gotten more credit by far than any other greats but not well deserved…

    Most PPG by a defensive player of the year…
    MJ – 35.0 (87-88)
    Giannis – 29.5
    Olajuwon – 27.3
    Robinson – 23.2
    Dwight – 22.9
    Kawhi – 21.2

    During Lebron’s best 3 scoring seasons he had his worst defensive seasons. He also came in dead last in the entire league in time spent getting past the half court line back on the defensive end of the floor in all 3 seasons…

  • Edwilza Panosky 05/16/2023

    Win or Lose!! I love his performance tonight!❤

  • I hate how Bron will go a whole quarter without shooting and soon as we go on a stretch he wanna shoot a heroic shot and kill the rhythm

  • Brock Joseph 05/16/2023

    This officiating crew been on the struggle bus this entire game…

  • We can do it! Adjustments on next game

  • Dame Dame 05/16/2023

    Refs made some bad calls ,but I give it to them for not giving up

  • The way we fighting! I’m proud of that alone. #Lakernation

  • Terry Reed 05/16/2023

    found out how to play defense a little late. rest up get game 2

  • Dorian Wright 05/16/2023

    Almost had it good game Lakers to come back from 20 down

  • Gino Mejia 05/16/2023

    next game 20 20 10 L

  • Edna Lachica 05/16/2023

    ran out of time but great game performance lakers! let’s go to the next and win them series!!!

  • Rosalind Scott 05/16/2023

    Great come back at least it not a blow out 💜💛🏀 still love my lakers

  • David Chandler 05/16/2023

    That’s lose ball by lebron was CLUTCH 😂😂😂

  • Amahd Alexander 05/16/2023

    If y’all think rui going to lockdown Jokic for this series good luck 😂😂🤞🏽

  • Anna R Ki 05/16/2023

    Good job tonight, AD!!

  • Froi Zoi 05/16/2023

    Good win for the nuggets but the I’m more impressed by the way our Lakers fought…
    Lakers in 5!

  • Frank Chen 05/16/2023

    AD was great! LBJ sucked.. missed FTs and turnovers..

  • John L. Tiu 05/16/2023

    Wasn’t enough. Let’s try again and be better in Game 2.

  • Next game is our chicken nuggets got lucky💯💯💯

  • Wayne Anderson 05/16/2023

    Left ourselves a little too much to do.. steal game 2 and still take them in 6. Rui on the joker definitely helped. 1st half we couldn’t touch him.

  • Minh Quân Bùi 05/16/2023

    Last minutes were so good, we got great defense. We could beat them, let’s go! The defense that hachimura and AD had on Joker would be the key in game 2.

  • All Lebron championship runs have been controversial

  • Feliciano Donor 05/16/2023

    Win it First before the Ring🤔

  • What a comeback even we fell short. Comeback stronger in Game 2 💪

  • Donald Consiglio 05/16/2023

    Scoring 40 isn’t a good game if u don’t get ur 1st rebound till 30 seconds left in the 1st……hopefully he bounces back and protects the boards

  • Axel Bacaltos 05/16/2023

    Did they win? Asking for a friend

  • Piyel Cruz 05/16/2023

    Great game AD! 😤

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