Gene Simmons Finally Sells Las Vegas Home for $11M

Gene Simmons has finally closed the deal on his MASSIVE Las Vegas home!

Gene Simmons Finally Sells Las Vegas Home for $11M


  • Nick Rooney 03/22/2023

    Yes and I’ll be throwing a big party when I move in… on the 15th of April so you’re all invited 😎🀘🏻

  • Mannie Beni 03/22/2023

    must be nice

  • Tina Filipelli 03/22/2023

    And I just borrowed $100 for medication. Gotta love living in this fair world πŸ˜₯

  • Devin Massie 03/22/2023

    All it took was selling his soul πŸ˜‚

  • Amanda Hackwith 03/22/2023

    Why do we give a s*#!

  • Todd Enget 03/22/2023

    All those windows fits his “Look at me” personality 🀣

  • Lisa Spears 03/22/2023

    Thats not real news !!

  • Tony Inganamort 03/22/2023

    I offered 10.5 but was turned down. 😒

  • Diego Reyes 03/22/2023

    Surprised he doesn’t have very many windows in a house that big

  • Rick Morton 03/22/2023

    The bills would’ve killed me!

  • Tim Szokan 03/22/2023

    Now that he’s closed the home, he’s going to rock n roll all night.

  • Mark J Cotter 03/22/2023

    I thought they bought a home in the Woods by the lake?

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