Had the Lucky Charm tonight GEICO| #BundlingMadeEasy

Had the Lucky Charm tonight 🍀 GEICO| #BundlingMadeEasy


  • Sam Gardner 03/16/2023

    So good!

  • Vanessa Jo 03/16/2023

    Go Boys!!!!!🖤🖤🖤

  • Bryan D Rowe 03/16/2023

    Today is March 16th

  • Tim Henri 03/16/2023

    We just really love the 2nd period right now, lol. Was a bit worried after the 1st that we might be about to get goalied, but then we started to get the goals flowing in. That Byfield assist was excellent, great individual effort by Grundstrom on his goal, and another solid performance by Copley in goal.

  • Nancy Berg 03/16/2023

    Loving how this team presses on! Awesome to watch 👏GKG

  • Jen Galvez 03/16/2023

    Without Slow boy quick! Kings finally rebuild. I bet he was nice in the locker room. He had his days years ago. He failed our team constantly while we were trying to get better. Please do not retire his jersey. He won 2 cups. Then dove into nothing.

  • David Bodmer 03/16/2023

    Great 2nd period. Only 1 point behind 1st. Here we come. GKG!!

  • Ron Ratana 03/16/2023

    Yeah bby! GKG!!!

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