Blog Sports he’s a keeper.


  • Eric Torres 03/15/2023

    The best position in the NFL a bench QB

  • Marcos Gurule 03/15/2023

    I would’ve preferred Cooper Rush over Stick, he went 2-1 vs 2022 playoffs teams and 4-1 in his 5 games as a starter

  • Andrew Barton 03/15/2023

    Ya’a I just don’t get this one, when Herbert was out Chase Daniel’s took over, why wasn’t it Stick, because Daniel’s isn’t that Good.and if Daniel’s is better why keep Stick. 🤔

  • Scott Nestor 03/15/2023

    Iam a San diego native from ’83, when inmoved to gargo north dakota in 2015. I watched the bison they have a championship school he saved Wentz season and won one himself. He is a winner. Lil under rivers and now herbert this kid has it as a back up.

  • Javier Rodriguez 03/15/2023


  • Mark Dickerhoff 03/15/2023

    Definitely a winner in college. Basically a friend to Justin, and someone to run the practice squad?

  • AJ Alexander 03/15/2023

    Good backup. More dynamic than Daniels. Has potential. Good signing.

  • Joel Ignacio 03/15/2023

    I’d signed that contract in a heartbeat… I got the best seat in the house and I get paid big time for it. It’s a win win situation for Stick… can’t blame him signing it.

  • Thomas Ward 03/15/2023

    Keep Eckler

  • Perry Fanua 03/15/2023

    Is he QB #2

  • Jeffrey Rodda 03/15/2023

    What about Herbert hope he’s a keeper too tho

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