Jax Taylor Says Tom Sandoval Cheated on Ariana Madix Multiple Times Before Raquel Leviss

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor had plenty to dish about their former cast members, including the current Scandoval

Jax Taylor Says Tom Sandoval Cheated on Ariana Madix Multiple Times Before Raquel Leviss


  • Ersi Herrera 03/23/2023

    Still trying to stay relevant. 🤣🙄

  • This guy was just biting his time before he could get back on camera and spill the beans on his old buddies. He’s lovin this!

  • I’m sure it’s probably true. He always was bringing up how they don’t have sex. They should have ended things along time ago.

  • Tee Jackson 03/23/2023

    & I believe um. 🥱

  • Schulz Gregory 03/23/2023

    He said he knows because he “heard” this. Pot calling the kettle black!

  • Briony Wilson 03/23/2023

    Too many names in one sentence. I’m super confused.

  • I thought Jax and Britney did great last night.. of course he knew about the cheating beforehand, I’m sure they ALLL did 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Angela Oleksiak 03/23/2023

    Well he always tells the truth…🤦🏻‍♀️

  • She said I can’t imagine how she feels
    Yes you do Jax cheated on you
    I like them but they especially Jax has to stop acting morally superior

  • Coda Marie 03/23/2023

    Does her laugh annoying anyone else?? They say Rachel is dumb… but, I don’t think Brittany is that smart either.

  • I loved them ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jen Christie 03/23/2023

    Ashley Balistreri

  • Jermaine Carter 03/23/2023

    Did Jason(Jax)tell Brittany the truth about your sugar daddy in Miami?

  • Fern Schmidt 03/23/2023

    It was awesome seeing Jax & Brittany again. Jax has grown up and what a refreshing happy couple. Family life is doing them good.

  • Suzie Elizabeth 03/23/2023

    Who the hell are they ?

  • Jax is like yaayyyy!!! Finally, someone cheated as much as me!! 👏

  • Greer Russell 03/23/2023

    Making stupid people famous. 🙌

  • Janis Morton 03/23/2023

    And so did you 🤣cheat he don’t remember 🧐

  • Christina Howard 03/23/2023

    That dude runs his mouth all the time

  • Curtis Worthy 03/23/2023

    Now the question is, what do we do with this information? 🤔

  • Chamika Akins 03/23/2023

    He trying to get back on the show telling what other people tell what you did

  • He is the biggest narcissist I’ve ever seen on TV.🤢

  • Eren Rosa 03/23/2023

    Say what u want Jax has come a long way and they’re a beautiful family now 😍.

  • Jill Jones 03/23/2023

    watched last night

  • Elizabeth Mottor 03/23/2023

    I like them BUT Jax always likes to say he knew everything.

  • He seemed so hyper, talking non stop. Brittney sweet as usual.

  • He doesn’t know anything. He is the last person Tom would tell after he snitched him out the first time to Kristen. The only way he would know is if he was personally there and Brittany has to keep him locked in the house so he remains faithful. 🤣

  • Cayce McCauley 03/23/2023

    What is with her outfit , These women need to dress themselves LOL

  • Lol this guy…

  • Julie Duhon 03/23/2023

    OMG Jax has a creepy mustache too …

  • Bonita Conno 03/23/2023

    The pot calling the kettle black

  • Sarah Duke 03/23/2023

    Kate Crawford Donna Crawford

  • Joseph Catanese 03/23/2023

    Who are these people?

  • Love or hate Jax, he’s always right.

  • I don’t watch but it seems obvious Quéntin J Gilbert

  • Johnny Royal 03/23/2023

    Anyone know who these people are? Anyone? Anyone at all? “Celebrity” has no meaning anymore.

  • Kathy CB 03/23/2023

    They are still together and the only smart ones to get help, grow up and work thru their own demons. That’s what grow ups do if they want to stay together. Andy needs to start giving Jax kudos instead of always knocking him down. Jax has come a long way!! Give him credit

  • Patty Conley 03/23/2023

    WHO CARES!!!!!!! Publicity stunt

  • Kaitlyn Lato 03/23/2023

    Love how Jacks & Brittany have to get their 5 minutes of fame here lmao 😂

  • Red Howard 03/23/2023

    Jax runs his mouth waaaaaaaaayyyyy too much. Bro code is no such thing with him, he is nobody’s friend. All that running his mouth is eventually gonna catch up with him smh

  • Sasha Sunshine 03/23/2023

    oh hush…

  • Rachel Hand Kile 03/23/2023

    Well Jax knows how to spot a cheater I mean he was one and probably still is.. Once a cheater always a cheater…

  • Laura Zayac 03/23/2023

    Best WWHL in awhile! Funny

  • Leticia Peddle 03/23/2023

    Jermaine Carter daamn ma dude. I have a feeling you hold grudges for life lol

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