Josh Allen Calls Damar Hamlin Body Double Claims ‘Stupid,’ ‘Stop That S***’

“stop that s***”

Josh Allen Calls Damar Hamlin Body Double Claims ‘Stupid,’ ‘Stop That S***’


  • Mike Stevens 01/24/2023

    Told you that already . But you know the media and the bs right.

  • Eddie Moulder 01/24/2023

    He just mad cause they lost 🀣 Better luck next year

  • Then why did you bring him out and no one could tell who it was for the hood and snow …play stupid games win stupid prizes …I don’t care if it was bozo the dam clown honestly.

  • Lucas Holman 01/24/2023

    So wait Josh Allen is into conspiracies? Just not this one?

  • McKenna Gretchen 01/24/2023

    How is it that someone who died not once but twice on the way to hospital, show up in a costume, surrounded by body guards, no one can see him. But isn’t in a wheel chair or anything. Stand up out of his seat and continuously throw hands up and down. To me: not someone who just died not once but twice two weeks ago.

  • Agreed. People saying he OWES us a live interview… gtfoh, he has thanked everyone, he “owes us” nothing. I didn’t donate with an agenda!

  • Tracy Gent 01/24/2023

    Because it is stupid!!!!!

  • Millard Iverson 01/24/2023

    Furthermore Damar Hamlin is not a celebrity or important enough.

  • Kirk Cousins 01/24/2023

    That wasn’t Damar Hamlin. The NFL’S trying to cover up sth . We all know that

  • MTU 01/24/2023

    It is stupid for sure https://bit.ly/3XqRfAv

  • James Tolassi 01/24/2023

    Not that I care but why is he in hiding?

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