Julia Fox Hits Back at Criticism of Her Home After ‘Underwhelming Apartment Tour’

Fox responds to claims she’s worth “$30 million” and defends herself from “mixed reviews” of her NYC pad.

Julia Fox Hits Back at Criticism of Her Home After ‘Underwhelming Apartment Tour’


  • She’s only worth $10 million without the lips

  • Wendi Hume 01/30/2023

    I have to admit, I don’t even know who she is! 😂

  • Ragen Harding 01/30/2023

    Omg I heard about this…gotta see it!

  • Scott Lombardo 01/30/2023

    Who’s Julia Fox?

  • Lori Bird 01/30/2023

    No more Kanye money has her looking ratchet. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zachery Hole 01/30/2023

    I have no idea who she is but I do understand New York City Homes are a huge financial burden and the home may not be as big as some people are used to

  • Maggie Jules 01/30/2023

    I lllllove her!!!!! She understands what matters the most in life!

  • Diane Bruno 01/30/2023

    It’s her, she’s not materialistic, what’s wrong with that?? Geez!!

  • Alana Rashel 01/30/2023

    I just don’t like people pretending to be other people who they clearly aren’t. It’s strange.

  • Majuel Armstead 01/30/2023

    So What! Enjoy Your Life! How You Live, Where You Live, Is Nobody’s Affair But Yours!

  • She knew exactly what she was doing when she put her apartment tour out there. She may not want to display her wealth, but could get an apartment for her son that isn’t rodent infested.

  • Rahiem K. Hardy 01/30/2023

    I was at Sherri Shepherd Show today and heard about it

  • Khimberli Scow 01/30/2023

    She’s gross no way is she worth that much when people still do t know her name🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Kingsley Hendrix 01/30/2023

    Her responses in this article make me like her I like the flashy lifestyle actually I love it but a humble personality is an inherently attractive thing idk. She gained a new fan.

  • Khadijah Cook 01/30/2023

    I only know two types of foxes. The animal and Megan fox. Lol

  • Crystal Woods 01/30/2023

    What movie did she come on?

  • Maria Hdz 01/30/2023

    Being worth and having $30 million are 2 different things

  • Her home is the only half way decent thing I’ve seen about her.

  • Chris Simmons 01/30/2023

    It’s the lips really

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