Kelis ‘Almost Fell Off Cliff’ Heading to Mountains With Kids

She showed off her “rescue fashion” as a tow worked to recover her truck following an accident on her way to Big Bear in California.

Kelis ‘Almost Fell Off Cliff’ Heading to Mountains With Kids


  • Twon Hardison 02/28/2023

    Nas was probably praying……that Kelis didn’t make it 😔

  • Connie Eads 02/28/2023

    Never could understand why everyone flocks to the mountains during massive snow storms and blizzard whiteouts That snow is gonna be there once the storm is over. People like me who live In the mountains and sierras suffer from these actions. As our emergency personal are out trying to save those who get in accidents or stuck. My daughter had to wait hours in freezing truck to get home from work cause of this. Just you all stay home till storm lifts. Then come on up and enjoy the snow!

  • LaToya Lenhart 02/28/2023

    I’m glad her and her kids are OK, but what she did was very reckless.

  • Ed Burdsall 02/28/2023

    Hope their ok!!! Who is she?

  • 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Thank you Jesus 🙏there safe

  • Stacy Jean 02/28/2023

    If you can’t drive in the snow, stay home!!! This is why our California roads are crazy and people that actually live here are stuck everyday in traffic

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