Lakers take the road Cincoro x #LakeShow

Lakers take the road

Cincoro x #LakeShow


  • Mark Jovellanos 03/27/2023

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this road trip.

  • Cerilo Dacuma 03/27/2023

    Let’s go for the win

  • Alan Jimenez 03/27/2023

    #Hamout :v

  • For real
    I wish I can use voice note to comment cos typing cannot pour out what’s in my heart.

  • Steven Banda 03/27/2023

    Must win games

  • 3-0

  • Calvin Matebesi 03/27/2023

    Need Lebron to go humble pat bev!!!

  • Austin Geiger 03/27/2023

    Let’s go lakers I have absolutely hope and faith we can win all 3!

  • CR Tuft 03/27/2023

    Oh dang we play Pat bev again..we should be in fear

  • Jason Calleja 03/27/2023

    Possibly 3-0. Worst case should be 2-1.

  • Kris Ward 03/27/2023

    Smh. We really needed that win lastnight. And of course LeBron comes back and we lose, along with AD not putting up as big in LeBron’s absence. Smh.

  • Stephen Vainio 03/27/2023

    Bad time to hit the road with their record and LeBron trying to fit in with the new guys.

  • Tay Funchess 03/27/2023

    We need to play defense the whole game

  • Marissa L Moore 03/27/2023

    We will be lucky to win any of these. Lebum doesn’t need to play.

  • Dee Peeples 03/27/2023

    Lakers should win all 3 all teams have beat them. So show dominance and disrespect to your opponents

  • Jarinn K Bayani 03/27/2023

    Lakers need a Back Up Center to go against the T’wolves I don’t understand why Pelinka not signing anyone atleast 10 day contract . Small Ball Won’t Work

  • Josh Cad 03/27/2023


  • Jose Falquez 03/27/2023

    Gotta finish szn 5-2 at least

  • Tambakol na naman sa 3 games

  • Lautaro Kerat 03/27/2023

    Let’s go lakers for 3 win

  • Robert Say 03/27/2023

    LeBum is back = another loss

  • When LBJ got squared up by Pat Bev, you can see how LeBron shot far from the 3 pt line as if he lacks that determination.. idk man.

  • Kenny Blackman 03/27/2023

    Lakers winning all 3

  • Edison Dequiros 03/27/2023

    L, L, L

  • Cedric Redfearn 03/27/2023

    We need all of these – There is no excuse for us!!

  • They only winning the rockets game

  • Mathias Mathias 03/27/2023

    bulls got luck on that game they won’t have the hot shooting lucky as they where 4sure
    it was pure lucky we where not lucky like them
    other game Beverly will be too small than bron 4sure

  • Kiriakos Dimakareas

  • Kenia Ruiz 03/27/2023

    Please don’t let LeJinx play..🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Adam Holland 03/27/2023

    Should all be wins, no excuses with Bron back.

  • Not easily but these games should all be W

  • Erin Breuninger 03/27/2023

    Let’s go Lakers, nothing but net

  • James St. Pate 03/27/2023

    Gotta win the next 3

  • Joseph Montes 03/27/2023

    come on win

  • Jovito Larios 03/27/2023

    moving the ball and pass play will be easy to AD,AR and Dennis don’t stuck up the ball to Lebron remaining game will be your motto stay Greedy

  • Is 50y/o DLO gonna play? Or is he gonna be out with his sore hip again? 🤔

  • Lakers are in danger when bron is on the floor they lose coz he controls the play the team is much better without bron

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