Lisa Marie Presley Had $35 Million in Life Insurance, Battle Brewing

A battle is brewing between Priscilla and Riley.

Lisa Marie Presley Had $35 Million in Life Insurance, Battle Brewing


  • Amy Sunshine 01/30/2023

    Who else feels like it was on purpose? I blame the mother.. lol 😂

  • Debra Thompson 01/30/2023

    Hope it all goes to her 3 daughters. Priscilla should have her own money. If she fights her grandchildren over this she’s no darn good.

  • Tabitha Nichols 01/30/2023

    There are three kids and it should be split equally between them, after her debts are paid. This doesn’t seem hard.

  • Junie V James 01/30/2023

    Well Priscilla…..there goes your relationship with your grand-daughters. You are not a young woman yourself. Lisa Marie’s kids deserve to get what Lisa Marie wanted them to have. You are not a Presley anymore. You divorced Elvis, but you sure have used that name to live nicely through the years.

  • Kayla Rose 01/30/2023

    Wow, let her kids have it. Your life is almost over anyway… 🙄

  • DeMarcus Purham 01/30/2023

    Goes to the kids. Closed case.

  • That should go to her daughter’s. Period. If they were little girls then they need someone to manage the money but Priscilla needs to back off. Her daughter didn’t want her in the will. That’s not made up. That was her choice.

  • Lisa Redd 01/30/2023

    This happens in every family 🙏 I’m literally watching ELVIS again right now… Tragedy since birth 😭

  • My lord what a mess it belongs to her kids PERIOD!!!

  • Shelley Abbott 01/30/2023

    When you have a life insurance policy your supposed to name the beneficiary. If they both are then they split it. Or it goes to the primary person. I don’t know where there would be any fighting if there is someone named

  • I swear, money brings out the worst in people! Priscilla, those are her kids, they are entitled! Go away!

  • Gloria Bess 01/30/2023

    Uh oh…..

  • Patricia Cordova 01/30/2023

    Leticia Pabon You need to see this

  • Leslie K Nelson 01/30/2023

    This is such BS. First off life insurance policies don’t pay off debt.  They are paid directly to the beneficiary/s.
    I’m pretty sure the dept she owed is probably mortgage on their home/s. 
    Prisilla is not fighting for the money. If anything, she just wants to be one of the trustees over the minors. 
    The story is just click bait.

  • Paula Kidney 01/30/2023

    If she named her daughter as beneficiary then that’s who gets it. There is no battle.

  • Shayla Sye 01/30/2023

    Priscilla did right by Lisa from what o read the Will had not been updated since the son passed and she wants to make sure it’s fair to all 3 kids. 2 of which are minors.

  • Anne Bosley 01/30/2023

    Yeah sure, Priscilla is worth $50M and is 77 years old and decades ago she turned Lisa’s $5M inheritance-into $100M by opening up Graceland, she then watched Lisa get a $100M more through deals-watched her die -in debt after $200M, but is trying to take money from granddaughter. If Riley speaks up then there is an issue.

  • David Schleyhahn 01/30/2023

    I assume that Priscilla wants to control the money so that it is not mishandled or foolishly spent. I don’t know if she will be successful but I think her motives are fairly pure

  • Kris Griffin 01/30/2023

    It’s always about the money

  • Pat Monroe 01/30/2023

    One of the most dysfunctional families in history.

  • Dina Marie 01/30/2023

    How dare Priscilla do this to her granddaughter?

  • Okay. She built a legacy for her daughter. Made Graceland what it is today. A money maker for her daughter and keep Elvis name alive. You think she’s going to do her grandkids dirty? Come on….🙄

  • Marie Woods 01/30/2023

    Upon Elvis dying his estate was paltry with Priscilla’s help and guidance the estate value grew largely for her daughter Lisa to benefit. Today, per reading estate’s value is low just maybe Priscilla is willing to take over the reins in order for the grandchildren to even have an inheritance.

  • Not seeing it air on Fox tonight in my area

  • Teri DeGroat 01/30/2023

    I find it hard to believe that Priscilla Presley would be cut out of this. N

  • A lot of y’all didn’t read the article. Priscilla isn’t disputing the life insurance (which the kids are named beneficiaries of and will split evenly). Two of the kids are minors so their money will go in a trust. Priscilla is saying she should be a trustee still. Personally I can see Lisa changing the trustees in 2016 bc of Priscilla’s age.
    Also, who knows the family dynamics, Priscilla may not trust the oldest daughter or the minors father so she wants to be in charge to make sure the younger two aren’t cheated.

  • Go sit down, Priscilla. She named her beneficiaries, and trustee. I’m sure there was a reason behind that…thee end!!

  • Marina Ortiz 01/30/2023

    She doesn’t need her money! Let her kids have the funds. She knows what her daughter would’ve wanted.

  • Marcia Valenti 01/30/2023

    I read the court documents about the trustee stuff. it says right in them she is just trying to be co-trustee WITH Riley’s permission. She’s not trying to take anything. Priscilla has a right to contest this as the circumstances are fishy. She’s not going after any of the money. For all we know Riley might want her help. My guess is Priscilla doesn’t want Lockwood anywhere near the funds and wants to protect the twins. I think there is a good chance Riley wants her help. they are close knit family and when Lisa died the twins and Riley didn’t wanna be anywhere, but it Priscilla’s house. I wish people would stop dragging Priscilla without her Graceland wouldn’t exist right now, and Elvis’s Legacy wouldn’t be living on.

  • Kandi Cane 01/30/2023

    I hope it gets settled 👀👀

  • Jennifer Max 01/30/2023

    Ffs don’t let money come between Priscilla and the grandchildren. If she doesn’t let this be, it would leave her alone. without her remaining family members. Leave it alone, PP!!

  • Rosemary Scott 01/30/2023

    How does one even get 35 million in life insurance? Is it based on your net worth?

  • Diana Register 01/30/2023

    She should be there trustee. Look at what she did for the Elvis estate. And if i remember correctly, she made sure Lisa didn’t get her inheritance until she was older, because she knew she would blow it.. and she did.

  • No matter what he is the dad he is in charge

  • Lynn Ann 01/30/2023

    Riley and her brother (now deceased) were named in the trust. Priscilla could just be ensuring that if something happens to Riley, the trust does not go up for grabs. for some reason, I also thought that Priscilla had some sort of custody over the twin girls for awhile. She could be ensuring that they are equally taken care of. Lisa Marie was paying child support to her ex, so it could also be preventing him from trying to grab a piece of the pot.

  • Barb Grossman 01/30/2023

    As I’ve never been a big fan of Priscilla.. but if it wasn’t for her there wouldn’t be any Presley money to “fight “ over I believe she’s just trying to protect Graceland and keep it safe from certain greedy people

  • Angela Marie 01/30/2023

    Dayyyyyymmmm 35 mill in just life insurance 😳WTF were those premiums

  • Death brings out the worst in people.

  • Caz Pilkington 01/30/2023

    The kids have been through enough the kids should be entitled to their mum money 💰

  • Christina Carter 01/30/2023

    Priscilla shouldn’t have done this, Lisa Marie knows what she’s doing and wanted who she wanted for her estate. Now there’s going to be bad blood between grandma and granddaughter

  • I think Priscilla needs to be the keeper of Graceland affairs, Riley has no attachment to it.

  • Lisa’s ex is a gold digger. Lisa had 60/40 custody and she still had to pay him 6k a month. 2+2=jello

  • Of course there is!!

  • Bill Windsor 01/30/2023

    All life insurance goes to Lisa’ heirs not to her mom, unless she had specifically written differently in a Will. If children are under 21 then the courts could develop a trust where they can start withdrawing from at age 21 or 25 dependent upon State Law.

  • Jenny Stevenson 01/30/2023

    Should got to her 3 daughters. No doubt about it.

  • Wow her premium with her background in substance abuse must have been enormous:

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