Lotta Lakers love in Houston.

Lotta Lakers love in Houston.


  • ßen Čaacbay 03/15/2023

    Let’s go Lakers! 🏆 From the Philippines 🇵🇭 to Europe 🇨🇿 😎👌💜💛

  • Let’s go Lakers from cameroon 🇨🇲❤️ lakeshow

  • Shawn D. Grant 03/15/2023

    Like even the announcers are saying they are surprised that Gabriel is not in the game playing center. So if the Lakers lose this game and not make the play-in should the org move on from Ham?
    There seems to be no urgency, no plays..what a shame..

    Lonnie just in for a minute just to be taken out.. this guy!😤

  • Tell Monday 03/15/2023

    And no AD. Fans deserve better. Empty arena and I bet those tickets were still $$$$$

  • Aldo Castro 03/15/2023

    Down by 12. Very frustrating

  • They playing like, they were given instructions to loss delibrately….I’m not surprised, that’s why key plays are out to cover shame.

  • Jan Salayo 03/15/2023

    hachimura slowest player of all time. pentium 1 brain

  • Dom Powell 03/15/2023

    I seen this before. Every time we get a chance to reach .500 we blow it so I don’t expect us to win tonight. Can’t be fooled 3 times by this foolishness.

  • James Sublett 03/15/2023

    In the middle of needing every win we can get, you sit AD so he doesn’t have to play back to back nights. That’s a slap to us fans that pay for League Pass, and but your merch. The 1st half shows why he should be playing.

  • Kevin Cantal 03/15/2023

    Does AD has injury? Looks like AD is fine. I’m not understanding why HAM is sitting him out.

  • Lakers, sign another big man, Bamba is out, AD has restrictions. We got the chances now, do not lose this again just because of neglecting to corresponse.

  • The Lakers don’t really want to make the playoffs. Taking games off when they matter is just dumb. This rest during the season is getting out of hand. What happen to the competive spirit professional athletes supposed to have. Come on AD, you out when you hurt, you out when you healthy. Do you want to play ball or be a spectator.

  • BigBag King 03/15/2023

    I thought y’all said this team better with out bron and ad ik y’all didn’t know basketball

  • Edwin Little 03/15/2023

    Poor fans watching the rockets dominate them.

  • Cesar Oseguera 03/15/2023

    Too bad Lakers gonna lose 😠

  • Powolo Hondayan 03/15/2023

    Should have Let Davis pLay with Limited time..

  • Peter Acevedo 03/15/2023

    Hey coach is this “stacking winning habits”? Sitting out AD on a critical game? Foolish with Luca and Kyrie playing Friday

  • Austin Parsons 03/15/2023

    This team without AD, and LeBron is the worst team in the NBA even with them their not much better

  • Abdul Jalil 03/15/2023

    Lakers didn’t have practice in houston thats why they loss.

  • Paulo Antunes 03/15/2023

    Was that Darvin Ham setting up a play with 0.03 on the clock losing by 4? lol

  • Cece Hampton 03/15/2023

    This was a RIDICULOUS LOSS cuz AD could’ve played. We could’ve been in 7th place. Smh. I don’t like him no more. He could’ve rested tomorrow or atleast played a few mins. Darvin did NOT make the right decision resting him tonight. PISSED ME ALL THE WAY OFF!!!!!!!

  • You deserve another L…i thought my prediction was in right direction… They won’t finish at .500 or above…

  • Rommel Diego 03/15/2023

    This games will cost them in making the Play In. No effing URGENCY from this team. 😔

  • With this big L without a backup center knowing AD will never play b2b! Rob came back on being an incompetent GM and that’s disgusting! Ham don’t deserve to be the coach of this revamp Lakers team, Ham’s inexperience will cost as games going forward (playoffs if we make it). They must fire him this off-season or downgrade him as an assistant coach and try to sign the former coach of the Celtics.

    I hope and pray we wouldn’t be in the top 8 of the west. . . and just play in the play-in tournament to have 1 more game before playoffs they need that.

    9th or 10th is ok to have a good draft pick

  • David Chang 03/15/2023

    All those faces of dissapoinment in another lost because management fails to get us a big while AD and Mo are out.

  • Hope and pray we will not make the playoffs and fire Ham this off-season

  • Roberto Tubo 03/15/2023

    Hoping that you will not make it in PLay-In, I thought there was an urgency to win? Why sitting out AD? Your team rearry sucks!

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