Blog Entertainment ‘Mean Girls’ Author Slams Tina Fey, Threatens Paramount with Legal Action


  • Emily Noel 03/18/2023

    The movie has been out for almost 20 years though…

  • Desperate times 😂

  • Jason Hansen 03/18/2023

    She should have negotiated a better deal back before the movie got made.

  • Julie Hass 03/18/2023

    James Hass

  • Misty Malena 03/18/2023

    She shouldn’t have signed such a bad contract

  • Delsia Hughley 03/18/2023

    She signed away her rights for cash upfront. Now she’s mad because it’s still making money. Bad business move on her part.

  • Richard Murphy 03/18/2023

    Too funny. That’s what happens when you grab the first apple that’s waived in fornt of your face. They offered her $400K for the rights to the script. She should have known then it was worth alot more but they probably played poker and told her that was the best they were going to do She probalby never hired/consulted a lawyer at the time she signed as she probably didn’t want to pay attorney fees. Any lawyer that was in the entertainment industry would have made sure if the script was a hit that she would get continue to get checks for the rest of her life. She screwed up. It won’t matter to the courts if she thinks it isn’t fair. No different then the guy who sold the computer language to Bill Gates before Microsoft was started. The guy sold the language rights to him for a few hundred dollars. The guy would have been a billionare if he consulted a lawyer at the time. It’s always worth it to take a few dollars less in order to continue to own part of a company.

  • Erin Mathis 03/18/2023

    Oh brother. The movie is almost 20 years old. Her book was just a blueprint. It wasn’t like copying a storyline like Harry Potter. Tina wrote the screenplay. Asking for more money 20 years after the fact is ridiculous.

  • It’s because they have made a successful Broadway Show from it.. so she should get something.

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