Mr. Triple Double.

Mr. Triple Double.


  • We really love Lakers in Africa …. courtesy of the late Great Basketball master- #KobeBryant, (may his soul continue Resting in peace)

  • Patrick Molina 01/15/2023

    yes, but ring is more impressive than most triple double

  • Steve O Parker 01/15/2023

    Lebron just got an award for playing with the player with the most triple doubles off the bench in history.

  • O'dell Reno 01/15/2023

    Lakers wrong got baby Oscar Robertson coming off they bench this man is a leagues best smh the greed

  • Brad Terry 01/15/2023

    Mr. Just cost us the game

  • Jesus Salazar 01/15/2023

    He’s improved better than last year, Hamm has done well in working with Brodie this season.

  • Robert Nacion 01/15/2023

    What a ball game. 👏

  • Why did he take the last shot? Come on!!!!!

  • Mr. Throw the game away….

  • And lost the game because of him AGAIN

  • He also sold the game. Unbelievable.

  • Brian Andersen 01/15/2023

    Incredible athlete, but selfish, low iq player

  • Jordan Gettinger 01/15/2023

    10 turnovers, 12 airballs, 11 missed free throws

  • Venderlo ya sois una franquicia muy fuerte para poder.aguantar a este tipo en ella…mucho triple doble pero en la canasta de la victoria la vuelve a cagar fuera Yaa…

  • Jerico Dizon 01/15/2023

    lol his pettiness towards embiid caused them to lose that game🤣

  • Most triple doubles with the least significant end results

  • Toby Neill 01/15/2023

    Mr ruin the chance of a game winning shot

  • Alexis Rogel 01/15/2023

    when Lebron don’t demand the ball! You take care of it Russ, it’ll be your fault

  • John Paul Jiao 01/15/2023

    And he try to be a hero 😒instead call a time out…

  • Andrew Compton 01/15/2023

    And assisted in most losses in history🙃

  • Siuan A Sirrah 01/15/2023

    Classic Russ. Should’ve called timeout or gave up ball

  • Ryan Saucedo 01/15/2023

    Forget you!! Costed us a win

  • Ryan Ayko Elara 01/15/2023

    He lose the game.. 🤣

  • T.J. Carraway 01/15/2023

    They about to show Darvin the door

  • Scott Baker 01/15/2023

    Ham needed to call a timeout. No coach in their right mind would just stand there and watch that debacle unfold at the end.

  • Kanitin Srikram 01/15/2023

    TIMEOUT you know? Fxcking TIMEOUT DARWIN !!!!

  • Eddie Han 01/15/2023

    And it took him less than a season to do it.

  • 2 timeouts never used any of it smh

  • Rhyan Hill 01/15/2023

    Lebron should’ve had that ball with the last 15 seconds.

  • Sam Sam 01/15/2023

    And after that triple double he throws the fxxkng game sheesh westbrick!

  • Jeffrey Glass 01/15/2023

    Except, when it counted the most, he blew it, again!

  • Nour Manla Hidar 01/15/2023

    And he cost you the game 😂😂😂

  • Ekipa gubitnika…Igraju samo James i Westbrook ostali čisti amateri.Sto pre se rješe Daviesa i još par igrača bit će bolje za tim

  • But his team lost..

  • Chukie Luzano 01/15/2023

    Trade this man or else you’ll be stuck in the 13th place. Westbrook will retire without a ring.

  • and suddenly throw the game

  • Marty Coyazo 01/15/2023

    And we find another way to lose the game 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Tim West 01/15/2023

    Cool story now can we please for the love of God stop letting him take the final possession of the game?? How many games have been lost this season for him turning it over or taking stupid shots he hasn’t made all game

  • Vladimir Mena 01/15/2023

    Bro why didn’t they call timeout when tf has Westbrook ever came clutch for us

  • Nathan Allan 01/15/2023

    And just lost us the game with another bone headed play.

  • Peter Acevedo 01/15/2023

    Westbrook doesn’t have the mentality to close out a game. Call a time out coach!! His mind is going 100 per hour…bad decision maker when the pressure is on.

  • ゲキカラ ー 01/15/2023

    I don’t blame Westbrook, It’s Darvin Ham fault for not taking a timeout

  • Lex'ce Sutil 01/15/2023

    Coach is not good.. 3 games not executed well in dying minutes

  • Rene Florentino 01/15/2023

    Lakers need to learn how to close games. Coach Ham should have called timeout and draw a winning play. SMH

  • Kyle Langreder 01/15/2023

    Mr. Botch the last play. Way to defend before but man, that was bad.

  • He choked tonight, should have passed the ball.

  • Emelito S. Reyes 01/15/2023

    Most turnovers off the bench

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