Paris Hilton Felt Shamed By Pink Mocking Her Sex Tape In ‘Stupid Girls’ Video

Paris is speaking her truth.

Paris Hilton Felt Shamed By Pink Mocking Her Sex Tape In ‘Stupid Girls’ Video


  • DeMarko Gage 03/16/2023

    But that’s one of my favorite pink music videos

  • Jared Punchak 03/16/2023

    Lol 15 years later

  • well Paris! you made it and it’s forever part of pop culture! Be happy it launched your career.

  • Chanda Malalo 03/16/2023

    Pink sand whatever The F she sang Ms Hilton..it’s been 20 years find peace and light, move on.

  • Sara Nichole 03/16/2023

    Everyone loves Pink but she seems like a mean girl. She should write a song called High Horse because she’s on one.

  • Karen Suzanne 03/16/2023

    Now you’re speaking out!

  • Mini Holmes 03/16/2023

    Paris’ new job…victim!

  • Sanil Asai 03/16/2023

    Move on the video was like 16 years ago

  • Waynie Botts 03/16/2023

    Diggin up bones !!

  • Well the lesson is dont make a sex tape. 😉

  • Kate Musche 03/16/2023

    Well at the time that’s exactly how she acted. In public anyway. 🤷

  • Paula McKinney 03/16/2023

    Pink says it how it is!!

  • Bill Ovington 03/16/2023

    She targeted pop women as a whole for the message they sent out there. Paris is a smart business woman who had an empire fabricated on a dumb blonde aesthetic. Pink was highlighting this, called them all out.

  • Gina Armienti 03/16/2023

    Oh boo hoo, maybe she shouldn’t have made the tape then. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • It’s the equivalent of Kim K getting blown up for her sex tape. Don’t like it? Then shouldn’t have allowed it to be aired out. Can’t cry about it now.

  • Gatiyo Lugo 03/16/2023

    I mean it was a shameful video lol

  • J.p. Beach 03/16/2023

    Uh…. “One night in Paris” is quite possibly the most boring sex tape ever released, yeah, I’d make fun of her too lol

  • Keisa Jackson 03/16/2023

    Pink had her foot on chicks NECKS 😝
    OAN: Paris aged very effin well!!

  • Cassie Suit 03/16/2023

    Yes, usually when a naked picture or sex tape is put into the public, most people would be ashamed.

  • Mmmmmmmmmm tu idola Jess Rojas-Mtzmmmmmm

  • Tina Coreen 03/16/2023

    I mean, if the shoe fits 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Lizbeth Jarvis 03/16/2023

    Poor little Paris growing up… Believe me sweetheart you got lots more to be ashamed about than that. 😆
    Count your money I’m sure that’ll cheer you up.

  • Sooo what 😂 It was funny

  • Sonia Quentin 03/16/2023

    We’ve all done stupid things

  • Lele McPherson 03/16/2023

    Well, where are both videos because I need some evidence 👀

  • Dguez Indi 03/16/2023

    A zillion years later 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I like that song, thanks for the reminder Paris

  • Sheena Swanson 03/16/2023

    Who cares what Pink says anyways lol 😂 girl you’re rich, happily married with a brand new baby!

  • Julian Rome 03/16/2023

    Pink🧔🏼‍♀️makes me sick 🤢to my stomach trying to shame Paris👸🏼Paris Hilton is HOT AF!!!! & she’s the definition of class.

  • Myrna Fronz 03/16/2023

    If Paris can bring up the past so can I! Lmao jk

  • Amber Malone 03/16/2023

    13 years ago hahaha

  • Anita Mann 03/16/2023

    Pink is another mean girl!

  • Amanda Marshall 03/16/2023

    Yeah cuz Paris Hiltons never been the “mean girl” in her life 🙄

  • Shawn Friday 03/16/2023

    Hear me out id take 1 night in Paris before I ever go for pink.

  • Belieto Colello 03/16/2023

    I mean …….make better choices lol 😂

  • Kyle Rodgers 03/16/2023

    Equivalent to Eminem’s “we made you”

  • Ej Martinez 03/16/2023

    Pink has no room to talk we watched her spreading her legs with both men and women while she was Married don’t ask me why he took her back but isn’t it funny how the ones that have mud on themselves sling it everywhere . We all know that’s not Paris’s most proudest moment but again pink needs to look in the mirror 😏

  • Melanie McKinney 03/16/2023

    Thank her, you’re even richer than you were before, if that’s possible. P!nk is touring, too! I’m going in October!

  • John Zarofnascar 03/16/2023

    Paris isn’t the only celebrity that’s not a fan of Pink. She rubs people the wrong way. Opens her mouth at times she should just keep it shut. She and Madonna don’t care for each other either.

  • Let me guess… new book?

  • Pam Jones 03/16/2023


  • Venus Taylor 03/16/2023

    I think what Paris is trying to highlight is bullying. People have had mistakes in the past. She was in her early 20s when she made a sex tape. Not a lot of early 20 year olds are mature minded. And she now is speaking how she felt when people bullied her about the sex tape that she did not agree to release. Usually sex tapes are supposed to be private, but she was naive enough to know that any EX can upload it for the exchange of $$$$ for the media to see especially if you are part of a billionaire family called the Hilton’s.

  • Trinidad Trejo 03/16/2023

    Pink seems pretty insecure these days lol why don’t she mock herself about being insecure and abusing her husband
    Paris got money a baby and a husband ppl need to stop hating

  • Joseph Geerings 03/16/2023

    Big Miley Cyrus post hip hop era vibes

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