Paris Hilton is a New Mom, Posts First Image of Baby

Paris Hilton is a mom! 🎉

Paris Hilton is a New Mom, Posts First Image of Baby


  • Nicole Diaz 01/24/2023

    Congratulations. She will make a great mom

  • Nae Nae 01/24/2023

    Awww!!! I love this for her 💕

  • Kendall Ann 01/24/2023

    I didn’t know she was excepting hahahah

  • Alicia Renee 01/24/2023

    Wow she must have never left her house during her pregnancy!

  • Norma Rios 01/24/2023

    Congratulations to both of you.

  • Brad Burgundy 01/24/2023

    Congrats Brian Urlacher.

  • Jeff Stephenson 01/24/2023

    Congratulations 🍻 & I hope everyone is healthy

  • Moe Constante 01/24/2023

    Some nanny is fixin to be rich!

  • I knew it it’s a girl congrats

  • William Nick Jr. 01/24/2023

    After she been ran thru 🤣

  • Wendy Martinez 01/24/2023

    I am not even going bother to look this up, it’s probably another Chihuahua 🤣❣️❣️

  • Ashley Owston 01/24/2023

    Yay! Good for her. She’s really matured. She’s going to be an amazing mom!

  • Henry Martinez 01/24/2023

    My Tia concha is one too ei

  • Lakota Cree 01/24/2023

    Wow.. CONGRATS to everyone and the woman who CARRIED FOR HER .. xcongrats

  • Ed Burdsall 01/24/2023

    Wow,he is mature for a new born..

  • Inara Alksnis 01/24/2023

    However a couple decides to have a baby, is no one’s business. As long as the baby is loved and cared for, they what matters. Not how they came into the world.

  • Linda Shields 01/24/2023

    Congratulations Paris

  • Cassie Thomas 01/24/2023

    I love this for Paris!

  • Sarah G King 01/24/2023

    She did good keeping it on the DL! congratulations to both of them! Also, kudos to the surrogate for being so selfless. ❤️

  • Ash DaCat 01/24/2023

    I’m so happy for them

  • Courtney Jackson 01/24/2023

    Good for her! Regardless of the journey to motherhood, congratulations!

  • Jodie Beasley 01/24/2023

    I think Paris will be a great mom congratulations enjoy your new baby and family

  • Sasha Duarte 01/24/2023

    Congratulations to the new parents ♥️

  • Kirsty Lee 01/24/2023

    Must be nice to just pay someone to have a baby for you. Other people wait years to find a surrogate or to adopt and the rich and famous buy one like they buy dogs.

  • Dave Robinson 01/24/2023

    Dogs gonna be mad when she carries the baby around in her purse.

  • Katherine Cerda 01/24/2023

    Congratulations to her! ♥️

  • Raven Spice 01/24/2023

    Come on it’s Paris guys she probably got a surrogate!

  • Daria Behn-Hall 01/24/2023

    The baby hands is big

  • Regardless of what people think that baby will be loved and well cared for, Paris is not dumb like people think she’s actually pretty intelligent. 🤷‍♀️

  • Good for them. I always liked her & her sister.

  • Irene Cataldi 01/24/2023

    Congratulations 🎉. She is going to be a great Mom 🤩👍🙌

  • Tina Rios 01/24/2023

    So happy for them 💕💙💕

  • Sam Duran 01/24/2023

    Congrats she may have ivf her baby to use her heathy eggs and used a Surrogate if she had issues carrying like Kim

  • Lauren Furlong 01/24/2023

    Never thought someone like her would have kids! She’s only famous for a sex tape! I feel bad for his poor daughter he’s never met, seeing her dad have a baby with someone else but won’t be a father to her is so awful!

  • Mary Zelazny 01/24/2023

    Congratulations Paris will be a good Mom!!

  • Heather Evans 01/24/2023

    Oh cute!! I forgot about her!!🤣 I’m
    So happy for her!!!

  • Tara Thelen 01/24/2023

    Congratulations Paris don’t let the haters get to you,enjoy your life as a mom now

  • Congratulations 🎉 You will make wonderful parents!

  • Congratulations to their family! 💗

  • Stacey Woolford 01/24/2023

    Congratulations to them

  • Nikki Heller 01/24/2023

    It’s a girl! Her nails are done! Congrats

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