Paris Hilton Says She Loves Being a Mom and Wants More Kids

Paris Hilton is reveling in motherhood … now that she’s had one, she can’t get enough!!!

Paris Hilton Says She Loves Being a Mom and Wants More Kids


  • Carlos Mcneely 03/23/2023

    People use to say she was dumb. I always thought she was a lot smarter than she portrayed.

  • Joseph Rice 03/23/2023

    Cant be that hard when you have a team of nannies to take care of her spawn.

  • Jacq Stewart 03/23/2023

    Good for her. I want to hand mine back.

  • As long as someone else has them and raises them.

  • Chris Wright 03/23/2023

    Paying someone to take care of them when your tired or have an event doesn’t really qualify you as a mother. It’s like an accessory to her!

  • Amanda Diaz 03/23/2023

    I bet she is an amazing mom

  • Janice Snow 03/23/2023

    She have a lot of money to maintain all the children in the world. So have all the kids you want Paris. I’m sure she’s a good mom 💞💕

  • Erik Stockwell 03/23/2023

    Great athlete

  • Amy Miller 03/23/2023

    Lots of kids to adopt

  • Why do u not make ur babies in ur womb? Are u sick?

  • Sarita Jester 03/23/2023

    She ain’t “had” nothing…

  • Jenny Henry 03/23/2023

    Well stop the presses 🙄

  • Angie Nieves 03/23/2023

    I’m sure the nanny is the one that’s being the mom not paris

  • AR Fields 03/23/2023

    Just because you’re Rich have a nanny doesn’t mean that you don’t do a lot for your child.

  • Allan Coffin 03/23/2023

    That’s hilarious 😂

  • Paul Chavez 03/23/2023

    Whos paris hilton?

  • Meghan Archer 03/23/2023

    Some people sound saltyyyy

  • Chelsey McClure 03/23/2023

    When you order them online like you do your groceries…. Sure! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • That’s hot 🤣

  • Luanne Marie 03/23/2023

    Why doesn’t she stay at home and take care of her baby? Instead, she is always on TV talking about him while a nanny raises him!

  • Sydney DeBerry 03/23/2023

    People in these comments are so so hateful. Must be unhappiness and jealously.

  • Ashley Shawver 03/23/2023

    Funny all of a sudden she’s a mommy and is this entire other person ! Hmm could it have anything to do w her grandfather taking a good amount of her inheritance ,bc her actions affected the family name negatively.? Now we are seeing a different Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan . Lol this is all ab the money !

  • Trel France 03/23/2023

    Im sure she have nannys, money & alot of help
    Try not being rich with kids 😂

  • Lissah Dee 03/23/2023

    Easily done , surrogate and nannies so why not

  • Brandi R Waters 03/23/2023

    Yea just wait until they become a teen and put you through what you put your parents through. It’s all sunshine and rainbows right now.

  • Joshua Hatfield 03/23/2023

    Remember when she wore a shirt that said “Stop Being Poor”. That was fun.

  • Ken Grafmiller 03/23/2023

    Paris acting like an adult herself an actual parent herself? wow

  • Johanna Kooistra 03/23/2023

    I don’t care what any of you say I love her and she is a sweet girl and I believe she is a wonderful mom.

  • Danielle Shehan 03/23/2023

    Good for her 🙂 it’s called baby fever 😁

  • Hahahaha. Does she even look after her other one?

  • Christoper Gates 03/23/2023

    Someone got to inherit the empire. As long as she takes care of them. Imagine that reality show

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