Presenting your LA Galaxy #LAGalaxy x Modelo USA :

Presenting your LA Galaxy 💚💛❤️ #LAGalaxy x Modelo USA 🔗:


  • Josh Aldrete 03/18/2023


  • Otto Mejia 03/18/2023

    What a joke. Designated players get to see the game from home and making so much money. Ridiculous.

  • Ford Mike 03/18/2023

    $99 to watch LA Galaxy games….that’s a no for me. Nice knowing you, LA Galaxy, nice knowing you MLS. Based on how the LA Galaxy usually play, it doesn’t appear that I’ll be missing much.

  • Charlie Arevalo 03/18/2023


  • Y chicharito

  • Zavaleta nunca de titular 🤔😿

  • Danny Garcia 03/18/2023

    Since i can see them in TV why would i go see them play also.. not paying for apple

  • Rob Vasquez 03/18/2023

    Playing drums on the speaker? Lmao

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