Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Followed by Paparazzi in ‘Near Fatal’ 2-Hour Chase

Harry and Meghan were followed by paparazzi in a “near catastrophic” 2-hour chase.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Followed by Paparazzi in ‘Near Fatal’ 2-Hour Chase


  • Meganne Suess 05/17/2023

    The pararazzi needs to leave them alone. Including the British press.

  • Jaymes Aldous 05/17/2023

    The international privacy tour goes wrong.

  • Jackie Vitale 05/17/2023

    Where’s the video showing this? 🧐

  • That didn’t take long. The King already trying to take them out

  • Jasmine Guerda 05/17/2023

    Leave them alone .they’re here for peace not chaos.

  • Katy Lewis 05/17/2023

    Y’all must feel so proud. 🙄

  • Gonzalez Gee Gee 05/17/2023

    That’s just horrible!!! I don’t understand why they are ppl laughing at this!!! Smfh

  • Crystal Minarik 05/17/2023

    I thought they moved to the US because they wanted privacy and to stay away from the paparazzi. 🤔

  • Yane Cas 05/17/2023

    They want to repeat the “accident “ of 1997

  • I dont understand this…stalked in NY home broken into in CA
    Id move back to Britain at least hes got better security

  • Melissa Gross 05/17/2023

    Probably TMZ paps.

  • Sure, because paparazzi 2 hour car chases happen all the time these days…i mean it’s not 1997 anymore, is it?

  • Tlaleng Khutlang 05/17/2023

    People need to slow down

  • Mayra Cll 05/17/2023

    They loved it lol That’s literally why they moved to LOS ANGELES lol

  • Reyna Dominguez 05/17/2023

    How traumatizing!! He must have been having anxiety thinking of his mother. 🙏🏼

  • DrAdyep Qaumi 05/17/2023

    Thank you Lord for saving their lives.
    King Charles back to his dirty ways. Leopard never change his spots🥴

  • That sounds really familiar, I wonder why

  • Terry Salak-Ward 05/17/2023

    First, I never want to see anyone hurt for any reason. But how could they be followed for two hours when the article clearly states, “after which they left and got into an SUV followed by police.”? If they had a police escort how could this go on for two hours? It simply does not make sense – IMO.

  • May May 05/17/2023

    2hrs 😳

  • I find this a little odd, considering there are cameras everywhere in NYC. Wow never thought someone would stoop so low. Right after the king’s coronation too.

  • Alexis Herrera 05/17/2023


  • A chase? It’s only a chase if you run and create more drama. Drive to a cop shop. Call the cops. They love media and the frenzy, until they don’t. To bad

  • Wilma Willsson 05/17/2023

    Ah aux usa

  • 2 hour car chase in NYC, GTFO. these people are such liars.

  • Greg Morris 05/17/2023

    2hr car chase. Ok. She has to have that attention.

  • 🤔

  • Richard Gozenya 05/17/2023

    Didn’t the royals already do this once?🤔

    Maybe the clintons could give some pointers.

  • 2 hour chase? That’s crazy! Why didn’t the police get involved?

  • Cynthia Townsend 05/17/2023

    I find this really hard to believe when they had the police following them. Does anyone else see a Netflix show and Oprah interview coming soon. These two play the victim all the time.

  • Diallo Fatima 05/17/2023

    Is it the same NYC that I know … Huh, with all that traffic..2 hours chase… something ain’t right 🤔

  • Petra Goldberg 05/17/2023

    It needs 2 for a chase. By the way the ladies looked relaxed in the car – H was was one with the red face. So I don’t believe it. And M got the attention she wants. Yee, let them take their photos.

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