Robert Blake Excluded From Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute

Robert Blake Excluded From Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute

Robert Blake Excluded From Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute


  • Steve Summers 03/12/2023

    Hey I’m first. I got nothing.

  • So was Tom Sizemore.

  • Andrew Laposha 03/12/2023

    Gilbert Gottfried’s exclusion is the real crime

  • Brinda Kersh 03/12/2023

    They did post a link to see all In Memoriam.

  • Good

  • Randon Blakeley 03/12/2023


  • Mary Spedden 03/12/2023

    A lot where

  • Rachel Duke 03/12/2023

    Tom Sizemore too.
    Years ago they left out farrah faucet who stared in the burning bed that changed how the world treated abused wives etc.

  • And Tom Sizemore.

  • John Dus 03/12/2023

    thats why i stopped watching 😊

  • Tara Sanders 03/12/2023

    Weren’t they just commemorating those that passed in 2022?

  • Sarah Robinson 03/12/2023

    Hadn’t even heard that he passed away. That’s how insignificant he’d become.

  • Darrin Trammell 03/12/2023

    They always recognize the performers that died the previous year. These shows are a year in the making. Everyone calm down. They’ll all be on next year’s show. 🙄

  • Mandie Juvera 03/12/2023

    Do people not understand that these in memoriams are put together months in advanced, they both just died recently

  • Azim Khan 03/12/2023

    It would be like honoring OJ at super bowl lol

  • Sanchez Robert 03/12/2023

    I ditto Kendra Key….”If they died this year they will be in the next Oscar show. They will do 23 in 24”

  • Shawn Conover 03/12/2023

    Sounds like the Oscar’s lol

  • Troy Renner 03/12/2023

    Probably because it just happened and the segment had already been produced.

  • And Jimmy Kimmel even made a joke about it before the In Memoriam..

  • Mary Evans 03/12/2023

    Tom Sizemore was excluded too.

  • Phillip Gooch 03/12/2023

    Seems they pick & choose not everyone makes the cut if you will

  • Deborah J. Grant 03/12/2023

    Robert and Tom were not worth of TV face time!! So the back pages of an web site !! Is good enough! Hey they were both kinda good crazy too me!!!

  • TV or Movies? There’s a difference.

  • Norma Tinajero 03/12/2023

    I mean it was a memoriam why wasn’t he included? Does the academy need some sort of permission?

  • Next year?

  • Jutta Hazen 03/12/2023

    It’s the same every time , they exclude some people who knows why but peeps get there shorts in a bunch , you know it’s gone happen

  • Stacey Chiatto 03/12/2023

    How about tom seizmore 🤔

  • And Kimmel had to put his snarky comment about it too.

  • Colleen Balchak 03/12/2023

    Of course he was, the academy will say it was too close. but we all know he could and should have been included

  • Linda Evans 03/12/2023

    they will make excuse…we didnt have TIME….BS!!

  • Daylene Barrett 03/12/2023

    Sad he started out on little rascal Tom Sizemore too sad

  • Kimmel mentioned him ignorantly which probably will stick in most people’s minds more than the 2 seconds everyone else gets in the actual in -memorium segment. Which makes me think that this is the best way to get out your message. Have Kimmel make fun of something or someone and you will immediately look it up. He has no idea the help he is.

  • The lady Alec Baldwin shot was omitted.

  • MTU 03/12/2023

    More reason to believe Oscar is Scripted. They couldn’t afford to interfere with the script because his demise was too close to be added in the last minute.

  • Melinda Dillon, Michael Callan, Pat Carroll, Robert Clary, Bo Hopkins, Robert Morse, Virginia Patton, Henry Silva, Cindy Williams

  • Charlie Stanley 03/12/2023

    Also Priscilla Presley!

  • Juanita Marshall 03/12/2023

    It was too late to add some of them. I’m sure those who passed recently will be in in Memoriam next year.

  • He killed his wife so ..good call. End domestic abuse!!

  • Mis Trish 03/12/2023

    He should’ve been included.

  • Sandi Roberts 03/12/2023

    Wasn’t Blake a child actor in the Our Gang?

  • Jamie Reed 03/12/2023

    Him and Tom died in 2023. The awards were based off of 2022 so they’ll be recognized next year.

  • Maria Gonzales 03/12/2023

    I think a majority believe he killed his wife🧐

  • I didn’t like the joke about Robert Blake! If they didn’t want to honor him, so be it, but joking about a guy that just died was so disrespectful to his family.

  • Noe Garza 03/12/2023

    The Oscar’s are on?

  • Kathy Reyna 03/12/2023

    He just passed in last few days
    They probably already had the presentation laid out.
    Maybe he will be included next year

  • Melanie Coppin 03/12/2023

    So sad and classless

  • What about Lisa Presley

  • You can’t include everyone or the segment will last longer than the actual Oscar Ceremony. The families of those lost don’t give a crap if their relatives’ picture was shown. We will remember everyone in our hearts & minds and that’s all that matters. Also, if they died recently then it was too late to include them. They probably had to edit the segment by a certain time so they can time it with Lenny Kravitz’s performance.

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