Salma Hayek Accidentally Flashes Breasts During IG Live Dance

Salma Hayek accidentally flashed her breasts while dancing on Instagram Live 👀

Salma Hayek Accidentally Flashes Breasts During IG Live Dance


  • Danny Jay 05/17/2023

    Eva mendes up next

  • Congrats to those who saw it 🔥

  • Maysam Aslami 05/17/2023

    We all know what accidentally means

  • Alex Guerra 05/17/2023

    I wish I could have seen them

  • Mark Minter Jr. 05/17/2023

    We’ve all paused Desperado at the right moment so we’ve seen them plenty of times already.

  • Jeffrey Bowman 05/17/2023

    She’s still fine! And was it really an accident? 🤔

  • Morgan Brink 05/17/2023

    Never seen one of those before lol 🙃

  • Gary Robinson 05/17/2023

    Dang Kenny I missed this! 🤣

  • Luis Lopez 05/17/2023

    Lord!! When am I getting my big break!! 😫😫

  • Karen Emery 05/17/2023

    And your point? I’m sure I can find a movie where she has shown most or part of breast before. Most of these actresses show up to the red carpet or any award shows showing everything they got. Smh…

  • Debbie Lemmons 05/17/2023

    Marion Ivey – you missed it LOL

  • Her account should have been disabled for good.

  • Katlego Johnson 05/17/2023

    Wasn’t an accident, she’s an attention seeker. Even her kids are tired of it, and have said it multiple times

  • Im pretty sure she didnt blurred out or not

  • Sonya Byers 05/17/2023

    Sure she did. Accidentally on purpose 😂

  • TMZ you are hilarious

  • Hilton Jacob 05/17/2023

    Love her

  • Jim Durango 05/17/2023

    Oh yes, it must have been an ‘accident’. Just like the 130 ‘accidental’ wardrobe malfunctions which took place on a regular basis after Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake flashed an audience of unsuspecting fans at the Superbowl halftime show.

    Yes, really. About 130 of them involving nearly every major female celebrity and we’re still expected to believe they happen by ‘accident’.


  • Holly Sullivan 05/17/2023

    I hate when that happens.

  • Eva Anne 05/17/2023

    Yep thats what it was

  • Marvin Pitambar 05/17/2023

    Those calcium cannons could bring peace to the middle east

  • Me going to try to find it…lol

  • Sharon Kunz 05/17/2023

    If I looked like her I’d be flashing everything daily!

  • Jeffrey Almonte 05/17/2023

    It was glorious view 😂

  • Anthony Paz 05/17/2023

    Salma still got it going on

  • Tabby Alyss 05/17/2023

    If you’ve ever saw the masterpiece, Frida, you’ve seen them already 🤣🤣

  • Robby Villanueva 05/17/2023

    Sometimes that can happen…

  • Chris Kidwell 05/17/2023

    Wish I was there

  • Ernesto Gomez 05/17/2023

    Idc what y’all say, she aged like fine wine

  • Eric Kraus 05/17/2023

    She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. And if you want to see them. Go watch dusk till dawn she will show them with a big ole snake on her shoulders

  • Great…made alot of peoples day lol

  • Heather Larson 05/17/2023


  • Shenuca Huertas 05/17/2023

    Man 😭😭I would be so mad lol

  • Buster Downs 05/17/2023

    She is def not in her prime

  • James Holland 05/17/2023

    God is good!

  • Scarlet Ann Emma 05/17/2023

    No accident..its called ATTENTION!

  • Richard Barrett 05/17/2023

    yeah like it shows them full out 🤣🤣🤣 best you saw was abit of clevage and that was it no nipples flying around slight over reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Katie Ingram 05/17/2023

    “Accidentally”. Oooook

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