Blog Entertainment Stolen Monkeys from Dallas Zoo Found in Closet of Abandoned Home


  • I’m glad they’re safe. 💕

  • Tyrell Ford 01/31/2023

    Those poor monkeys 🥺

  • Roy King 01/31/2023

    Ok wtf only in Dallas Texas

  • Wendy Heon 01/31/2023

    Thank god they were found.

  • Jessa Swann 01/31/2023

    Pulled them outa that barrel!

  • Alexis Raquelle Arvie they found em 🤣

  • Who’s stealing monkeys from the Zoo? People will steal anything and everything.

  • Ash Allen 01/31/2023

    Thank goodness they were found.

  • Angela Polito 01/31/2023

    Hope they are ok.

  • Kristi May 01/31/2023

    Poor babies

  • Kreig Oliver

  • Pears Amma 01/31/2023

    Did they find the Doritos as well

  • At least they found them

  • Thank goodness they were found

  • ᑘᖇᓍ ᘻᗩ 01/31/2023

    Uncalled for. As if people didn’t have enough messing with others they need to go after animals. Senseless.

  • Rex Loc 01/31/2023

    Most have ran out of Doritos 🤣🤣

  • Jason 😩🤣🤣🤣

  • Jill Bloom 01/31/2023

    Thank goodness they were found.

  • Marico Spikes 01/31/2023

    Is this even real? 🤔

  • Theresa Aramburu 01/31/2023

    Glad they were found before they died. Poor babies…

  • Lisa Maymon 01/31/2023

    Thank God they were found.

  • Dang they can’t find missing people but they found the dang monkeys 🐒 in an UNEXPECTED place .. 🙄

  • Christina King 01/31/2023

    The fourth “incident” this year at the Dallas Zoo.

  • Diana Rubinstein 01/31/2023

    Wonder how we got there. Hope he was retrieved safely.

  • Breanna Crawford 01/31/2023

    These poor babies! It’s insane to think someone was able to just cut the freaking fence! Like wth….

  • Liisa Gilbert 01/31/2023

    Scott Gilbert

  • Someone that works at the Dallas zoo is definitely doing this!

  • Joleen Endres 01/31/2023

    Greatful they are safe and back In their home.

  • Sad, as the ole adage goes “some people will steal anything that’s not nailed down” but, these days even things that are nailed down can and, are stolen. Good that the monkey was found safe but, probably; terrified at what we human beings are up to these days

  • Poor Babies how scary this was for them 😩

  • Heather Lovejoy 01/31/2023

    OK Dallas guard the lions plz

  • Hailey Lumbreras 01/31/2023

    Calista Morgan Another article

  • Jennifer Ruff 01/31/2023

    Glad they were found safely

  • Stacey Higgins 01/31/2023

    Poor babies, hopefully they are ok 😔😢

  • Melissa Chism 01/31/2023

    Audrey Stevens I told you, you have to stop. 😂😂

  • Dawn Coker 01/31/2023

    So did the Doritos dude do it or what? I been wondering since last night

  • CiCi Maldonado 01/31/2023

    Why are we always on TMZ

  • Amy Hayes 01/31/2023

    That zoo needs to be investigated.

  • Angel Torres 01/31/2023

    What the hell is wrong with people

  • Kathy Mahalak 01/31/2023

    Thank god, poor little things! ❤️

  • TG they were found safe!!

  • Mary Sue 01/31/2023

    I’m just glad they were found ….. wtf is going on @ this place

  • I’m so happy that they were found safe!❤️🐒

  • Carol Johnson 01/31/2023

    Wow. I know they were looking for an individual for questioning.

  • So happy they were found. Beautiful Monkeys

  • Wonder if they were keeping them for themselves or else why they didn’t release them into the wild. Something strange going on. Hopefully there are cameras

  • Leslie Davenport 01/31/2023

    That zoo needs a LOT more cameras and sensors on enclosures.

  • Tina Steadman 01/31/2023

    Great idea to put GPS on all animals at the zoo.Glad they were found.

  • Kate Heller if only there was a movie about a lone monkey and…… oh wait

  • Tierrah Smith 01/31/2023

    So were there any traces of Dorito cheese dust? A man can’t even eat Doritos in peace 😂

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