Tyga Buys Avril Lavigne $80,000 Custom Diamond Chain

Avril Lavigne is looking iced out these days … and the new, flashy jewelry around her neck comes courtesy of her new bf, Tyga.

Tyga Buys Avril Lavigne $80,000 Custom Diamond Chain


  • Cute Boy 03/18/2023


  • Cute Boy 03/18/2023

    As you go out today, every cycle of delay, stagnation, struggle, disappointment is totally broken and destroyed now in Jesus name.

    Bless my day with a follower.🤲🏼 it could mean alot 💙
    To everyone ean alot

  • Billy Jones 03/18/2023

    The original Avril would never act this way

  • Brian Lopez 03/18/2023

    There’s alot of laughter on here, but…what’s your man buying u??💅💅💅

  • Avril really be on that Megan Fox-level midlife man crisis 😐

  • Danny Velez 03/18/2023

    Better hope the repo man don’t come looking for it soon 😆 jk

  • Via credit card= money he doesn’t even have at all lol

  • Kaanugon

  • Tasha Lee 03/18/2023

    That he’ll want back when they break up!

  • Eric Williams 03/18/2023

    Junior Joseph straight solid chain ngl 😂

  • Pedro Filipe 03/18/2023

    Avril is joining Tygas OF next

  • Jessica Avila 03/18/2023

    Let them be!!!!!

  • Jimmy Truz 03/18/2023

    She’s looking chunky?! Pregnant?!

  • Lmao wtf 🤣 all of a sudden 👀

  • Amanda Danielle 03/18/2023

    That looks heavy and uncomfortable 🤣

  • Levi Johnson 03/18/2023

    Well good for her… and now on to more important issues in the world

  • Gavin L Cole 03/18/2023

    I thought he was broke 🤭

  • Melanin Monroe 03/18/2023

    I’m shocked he’s dating an adult this time

  • They gunn come report the chain soon

  • Yorkie Joaquin 03/18/2023

    He makes Chad Kroeger look talented.

  • Lebao Yang 03/18/2023

    That Kylie will pay for

  • It’s seriously

  • Shay Nicole 03/18/2023

    Le sigh this is gonna end bad for her…should have stayed with Chad

  • Sal Pas Sol 03/18/2023

    Eww that’s STD central, I bet $10, Avril ends up as single mom for 2024

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