Tyre Nichols’ Mom Won’t Watch Police Body Cam Footage After Public Release

Tyre Nichols’ mother can’t bring herself to watch the video of Memphis police beating her son so badly he ended up dying in a hospital — she says it would just be too painful.

Tyre Nichols’ Mom Won’t Watch Police Body Cam Footage After Public Release


  • I don’t blame her. That’s horrifying to even think about watching.

  • He’s not my son….I don’t even know him….but, I don’t want to see how they beat him like the white man did the slaves….the same needs to be done to the 5 of them…BY TYRE NICHOLS’ FAMILY!!!

  • Audra Miller 01/28/2023

    I couldnt even watch 5 seconds of it. And even in those 5 seconds it shook me to my core and all i can think about now is poor mama i cant even imagine.

  • Jacqueline Bishp 01/28/2023

    My heart goes out to you. Who would want to see that? I know I couldn’t. Prayers to the family 🙏🙏😢

  • God protect her from seeing this video, no mother should have to see this💔

  • If i was in the same prison with them, i’d……one 😠

  • Tembo Ella 01/28/2023

    No parent can manage to watch such a horrifying video😢.

  • Jessica Ellis 01/28/2023

    Tina Santiago I’m so glad she didn’t see it 😭

  • Nelson S Natalie 01/28/2023

    She shouldn’t watch it just focus on getting Justice for your Son

  • Antonio Vant 01/28/2023

    TMZ make sure you all get the recording of when Tyre’s mother and father get to express their feelings to them thugs in court. They will be sitting there with 💩💩 all on their face then. Trying to apologize to the family, in a confession letter, I wouldn’t won’t to hear that either.

  • Ebony Swann 01/28/2023

    I watched all 4 videos broken down- I had to and cried every moment to see the absolute disregard for another human being (a black man especially).
    When he kept yelling out “Momma” for help- being only 100 yards from home-was enough to break anyone’s heart.
    The killed that man on camera- period!
    I’m praying for her and the family.#riptothatyoungman

  • Endra Malyn 01/28/2023

    I won’t watch it! May he R.I.P, condolences to the family.

  • DeMarko Gage 01/28/2023

    Why would any mother want to watch a video of their son last moment

  • Send ALL the Officers to Prison

  • I don’t blame her, I can’t bring myself to watch it either.

  • It was very tough to watch…. he cried for his mom in the video…. sad

  • You know how many moms who did watch this that are now crying with her and for her knowing this could have been their son!! This makes my heart ache for this mom.

  • Cee Johnnie 01/28/2023

    It was very hard to watch! They all should rot in prison 😡

  • I tried, could not watch it, in its entirety. My heart could not take it😭😭

  • Andrea O'brien 01/28/2023

    Sad sooo sad my heart 💜 hurts

  • I wish I wouldn’t have watched it. Absolutely horrific 😢

  • Madison Johnson 01/28/2023

    His crying out for her is too much for any parent to hear or witness. Sending love to his mother because she will need it

  • Stacy Brooke 01/28/2023

    I watched and holy fk was I so fkn pissed and sad. Mostly angry! He deserves justice! 5on1 was not fair let alone he wasn’t resisting, basically George Floyd all.over again. Ugh… cried for his mama…omg..I was jn tears and swearing…ugh…just bothers me.to the core.

  • Jessica Brown 01/28/2023

    I don’t blame her.

  • Joshua Spikés 01/28/2023


  • Heather Key 01/28/2023

    Have they found out if any of the officers knew the young man or not yet. It’s just got me mind blown how they just went straight up to the car and pretty much just dragged him out from the get go. Like nothing about their stop was lawful,normal, or made any sense. It’s like they were purposely wanting to hurt someone. I just dont get it.

  • Patricia Jenkins 01/28/2023

    Praying for the Mother

  • Matt Mcfarland 01/28/2023

    Hope Memphis turns up on the whole force

  • That’s not my child but I cried and was angry that I couldn’t jump through the screen and protect that baby 😪😪😪😪 he was only 3 houses away from his parents house,they did him so wrong,they even celebrated.

  • I believe her because I couldn’t finish watching it

  • John Timmer 01/28/2023

    I would not want to watch it either. At the end of the day this is her son that just died in a horrific way.

  • I had to stop watching it, of course she can’t watch it. His cries for her broke my heart.

  • Emma Jones 01/28/2023

    Am sure the prisoners will find out what’s happened and deliver some jail justice. Heartbreaking for the family ❤️❤️ these corrupt police officers that are supposed to protect n serve need to be gone from the force. It’s either they get what’s coming to them in jail or once there out of uniforms street justice will do the job.

  • Joelle Giambrone 01/28/2023

    I can’t watch it either. I won’t. It will probably traumatize me like the George Floyd one.

  • Damien Curlin Sr 01/28/2023

    I’m a father of 5 and had to stop from watching.. his cries for his mother did it for me.. May them officers Rott in Hell

  • Kay Electras 01/28/2023

    This mad me cry the way they bullied and beat that man… They really thought they was tough jumping on a man and he was handcuffed outnumbered… Like ain’t no way ! This is someone’s son and I’m know they had kids ! AINT no way . This was beyond evil! To Mase someone and beat them like that. Like I pray justice be served. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️GOD REST HIS SOUL ! This was trifling! 😡😡😡😡😡😭

  • Kristine Nessel 01/28/2023

    His Mom or family are anybody who has a heart can’t watch it

  • It’s so sad that not ONE of these black men said at any point stop or that’s enough!!

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