Tyre Nichols Punched, Kicked in Face, Pepper Sprayed in Police Body Cam Footage

⚠️WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO⚠️ Memphis police just released the graphic, disturbing body cam footage from Tyre Nichols’ brutal arrest.

Tyre Nichols Punched, Kicked in Face, Pepper Sprayed in Police Body Cam Footage


  • I made a list of things NOT to do when getting pulled over.

    1) Run and resist.

    Thanks for reading my list.

  • Gina Jacks 01/27/2023

    I watched 1 minute and I was done.

  • Reggie L. Harris 01/27/2023

    It’s equally as sad that there will be insensitive comments towards a Man’s unjustifiable DEATH…VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, calling him Bro and talking like they were out of Uniform.

  • Rosalynda Mills 01/27/2023

    What’s the point of releasing videos like this???

  • Melanie Arnold 01/27/2023

    I have no desire to see this 😢

  • I couldn’t watch it was the scream for his mom!!😢😢😢😢

  • Mimoza Kollçaku 01/27/2023

    This is so sad he was screaming for his mother 😢

  • TMZ enough!!!

  • This is business as usual at most police stations and if its a mental health patient they even kill them bc who cares? The person is nuts.

  • Patrick Castano 01/27/2023

    It’s life. It never stops. 🙂

  • I’m so broken and sad after seeing this. 😢😢😢😢😢beyond disappointing. I can’t describe the hurt and disappointment I feel.

  • Mike Mel 01/27/2023

    Chrystal Vivas

  • Canyon Schuster 01/27/2023

    Cops were in the wrong but at the same time maybe stop fighting with the police and give up or don’t commit a crime 🤷‍♂️ you clearly see him get up from the ground and start fighting with the cops he wasn’t helping himself.

  • Cookie Rivera 01/27/2023

    So this b.s. stemmed from a raggedy cop that sprayed himself and another that didn’t know how to deploy a taser properly. Bunch of out of shape cowards.

  • Eddie Taylor 01/27/2023

    Cops are the biggest gangs in the world.

  • 🦝’s did this

  • This world is never gonna make it

  • Addison Lynn 01/27/2023

    Brandy Howard

  • Chelsea Louise 01/27/2023

    Needs to be jail time for police who use any excessive force. They have professional training and non lethal weapons to subdue people, why are they punching and kicking?!

  • Carolina Rorie 01/27/2023

    Brandon Rorie

  • Derrick Phipps 01/27/2023


  • Dee D Banks 01/27/2023

    This is so sad on so many levels

  • Michael Perry 01/27/2023

    Looks justified to me

    Here is yet another thug not listening to the officer about giving them his hands

    Don’t resist, just listen

    This culture does not listen to the cops and wonder why they are beat

    Notice after he was finally cuffed and couldn’t resist the beating stopped

    Bravo officers getting a hard headed hoodlum off the streets

  • Omg!

  • I had to go out the room- I can’t handle seeing someone beating and murdered to death live on TV from a traffic stop regardless he ran – very very sad

  • Rick Metzgar 01/27/2023

    Tragic and disgusting

  • this is worse than the kelly thomas killing..he cried for his dad … ACAB

  • Larry R August 01/27/2023

    There’s just no excuse for this beating,why couldn’t 5cops could have hand cuffed him,instead they chose to beat him to death,these cops need to be in jail the rest of there lives

  • These thugs in uniform murdered that man just like that. He called out for his mom 🥲

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